Between the Moderates and Extremists

Time and again politicians and the media claim moderate Islamists are not a part of the violent wing of the Islāmic extremist movement. Yet, they are jus’ as violent, however we neither hear nor see this as we have the beheading of Americans and Brits.

Our supposed allies, the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia lops off the heads people, stone women and hangs homosexuals, jus’ like they do in Iran. Unfortunately, the American public is unaware of this.

I don’t understand why we are willing to put up with such crap.

Imagine if he Pope declared that anyone who left the Catholic church, painted-by-number a picture of Jesus Christ or disagreed with the churches doctrine, were to be killed by faithful followers. This would lead to a world-wide outcry and the end of the Vatican City State.

Thankfully, Christians (including Catholics) are not calling for the beheading of non-believers.

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