The Media’s Lack of ‘Gravitas’

In the early part of this century, the media was against President George Bush, saying he wasn’t elected, rather he was ‘selected.’ Prior to that, when he picked Dick Cheney to be his running mate, they went on the attack claiming Bush picked Cheney only so he would have ‘gravitas,’ or some weight behind him.

Recently I’ve noticed the same media is using a new term: optics. I’m guessing its supposed to be a more adroit way of saying, ‘how things look.’

It’s actually a bull-shit term, especially when used to describe what the Obama Administration is doing publicly. Of all the administrations I’ve lived through, this one cares the least about how it looks to Americans than any other.

For years I’ve claimed that the media in general is much like a school of sharks, feeding on whatever ‘bloody’ morsel it can find. And when that morsel is gone, they start cannibalizing each others’ words.

I’m guilty of this too, yet when I use the progressives’ words against them, I’m accused of plagiarism.

Following President Obama’s tenth address to the nation, where he tried to outline his plan to deal with ISIS, the media coined a new label for him: reluctant warrior. These two words were used at least 20 times to describe him the morning following Obama’s speech.

It’s unfortunate that the media has no original thought of its own. Meanwhile, the sharks continue to circle.

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