Del Norte’s Education System Changes

In 1976, the Del Norte County Unified School District was looking to change the location alternative education sites and creating a continuation high school. The preferred spot was the old Dodge garage on Northcrest Drive.

The garage building was leased and included the relocation of the agriculture program that has recently lost its “home.” The owner of the building, Ardella Miller lowered the rent from her original asking price of $1,200 per month to $700.

An additional $71 a month was earmarked for insurance to cover the continuation and agriculture programs.

The district also hired Max Riley to head the continuation high school program. He had served in the psychology department of the school district, working with Roy Krause and Barbara Clausen who gave positive reports about his abilities.

He was placed in charge of selecting five teachers who would press a reality-based curriculum, complete with basic education plus the ability to stay current with what the students need to succeed in the world. Riley planned to model behavior he wanted to instill in the students and wanted to do everything possible to keep them in school.

The expanded continuation program expected to have 50 students the first year and would have as its goal the support and input of the parents, instilling the basics needed for work, taking care of truancy problems, and “teaching them to fish instead of giving them a fish.”

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