Chauvinist Pig-skin

Slowly but surely the national Football League is helping to eliminate itself from existence. It’s not the murderers, abusers or gangsta-types that are doing this either.

Rather it’s the NFL’s managements listening to outside activist organization like the ‘National Organization of Women.’ They, among others, charge that the NFL is rife with domestic abusers and that the league is covering up the problem.

A quick check of statistics on this crime show that domestic abuse is no more prevalent in the NFL than in all of society. So NOW really has no footing when it comes to its accusation.

The politically correct pressure is so great on the league that before every game there seems to be some dumb-ass commentator spouting off about the leagues’ evil. I’m certain that no-one tunes into a televised game to hear about the nation’s social ills.

Couple this with the leagues capitulation to the PC crowds attack on ‘hard hits,’ during the game, causing concussions, that left untreated can lead to dementia, et. al., and you have a good foundation to rid the country of the sport. By the way, there is no scientific proof that concussions lead to any brain dysfunction or any other disability it’s blamed for.

Also, if you look at the growth of the Latino and Hispanic populations in the U.S. and how the media hyped the 2014 World Soccer Cup, the NFL’s days are numbered. And sadly, the league is assisting by pound nails into its own coffin.

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