Putting Pride and Tax Money Before Justice

New DNA evidence in the 1976 murder of a University of Nevada, Reno student points to another and exonerates a woman serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cathy Woods is being granted a new trial, set for July 13th in the murder of Michelle Mitchell, and is being released from prison pending the outcome of a new trial.

The DNA matches Rodney Halbower according to the Washoe County Forensics Science Division. He’s already in prison on several convictions that include use of a deadly weapon, rape and escape.

The match was discovered this year after Halbower was transferred from Nevada to Oregon for crimes there. He’s also a person of interest in the 1976 Gypsy Hill murders because of a DNA match made by the San Mateo County Crime Lab.

Woods was found guilty twice, using only her recanted confession and circumstantial evidence, and not even the victim’s family believes she’s the one who slashed Mitchell’s throat, leaving her to die.  It seems the only reason a third trial’s been ordered, is so the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office can finally get it ‘right.’

It’s said that “justice is blind,” but does that doesn’t mean the DA’s office has to be dumb, wasting taxpayer’s money, when it can simply ask the court to vacate the verdict, setting Woods permanently free?

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