Told You This Would Happen

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas says a patient being evaluated for Ebola has tested positive for the virus. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the case — the first time Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States.

Interesting to note that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a large number of immigrant employees from Nigeria. Ironic how our national media outlets poo-poo’d this fact, calling it ‘fear-mongering.’

Battling the Increasing Lonliness

Recently I bemoaned in my journal that I spend a lot of my time feeling lonely. However, what I didn’t mention is that much of my loneliness is filled with worthless distractions from the radio, to the television, the Internet and even my dogs.

I’m betting you find yourself in the same sort of situation, too.

It’s because of this that I feel so alone the majority of the time. I know, it sounds counterintuitive.

Yet if one takes the time to look at the activities we’re involved in from day-to-day, it becomes clear our time is filled with nothing but the World. Instead, we should be spending our alone time in thought, meditation, reflection, prayer and other mind and soul growing activities.

Well, maybe the dogs aren’t that big of a distraction as they are a constant reminder to stay in the ‘now’ of life. Besides, dogs are some of the better people I know.

Television Conversations

“For crying out loud,” Mary exclaimed, “with all the crap that’s going on in the world – this is the most popular thing online?”

Surprised by her sudden outburst, “What?!”

“People are complaining that they don’t like some actress’s new haircut,” she stated with disgust. There was long pause before she added, “What’s wrong with people?”

“I don’t know,” was all I could say in return.

Later, I checked the mail, where I found the TV Guide. I very rarely read it, but Mary goes through it from cover-to-cover.

“There sure are a lot of futuristic shows anymore,” she commented as she flipped through the pages of the magazine.

I agreed with her.

“So,” Mary sighed, “Why do you think that is?”

“People want to escape to a place that’s worse than the world we’re living in,” I answered, “even if it’s jus’ for an hour at a time.”

We both agreed that at this rate — society’s doomed.

Home of the Free and the Brave, but not in Washoe County

The figure in black drew closer with each step along East Sixth in Reno. In no time I could tell it was woman clad in a burqa.

No one yelled at her, no one called her names or threatened her. And I was proud – this is America I told myself — the land of the free and home of the brave.

Driving along Reno’s notorious Fourth Street corridor, filled with vagrants, hookers and the homeless, I saw two homosexual men holding hands. They entered a bar that flies the ‘rainbow banner.’

No one yelled at them, no one called either man a name or threatened them with harm. And I was proud – this is America I told myself — the land of the free and home of the brave.

Once at home I turned on the TV and learned that the Washoe County School District says it will not allow school-approved athletics and club-related clothing to be worn on campus because it discriminates against other students. This includes letterman jackets, club-shirts, society pins and such.

And I was sad. Is this America — and what has happened to the free and the brave?

The Possibility of an Airborne Ebola Virus

It’s been years since I was a U.S. Air Force Environmental Health Tech. And while there are new ways being employed to halt infections, the nature of contracting a disease hasn’t changed.

Ingestion, inhalation and injection are for any vector-borne disease the gateway into the human body.

However those charged with the care of an Ebola infected person cannot avoid the disease. So they use barriers like gloves, gowns, goggles and masks, not to mention disinfectants, to keep from becoming ill.

So with all these barriers, why are healthcare workers contraction Ebola? Furthermore even the CDC says the virus changes itself each time it infects a new host.

It could be that while the virus is primarily passed by person-to-person contact, the disease has mutated in some cases into an airborne illness. And unless proper precautions are not being followed, allowing the transmission, then nothing else makes sense.

Obama, War President

The dictionary defines ‘war,’ as: armed fighting between nations; state of hostility or conflict; struggle between opposing forces or for a particular end. But it seems the meaning is being changed and it’s being done so that it fits the needs of the politically correct.

They don’t want President Obama to be remembered as a ‘war president,’ something he vigorously campaigned against in two election cycles. Therefore, they are attempting to twist public perception as to the correct definition.

To this end, President Obama is sending 500 advisors to help the Iraqi government contain ISIS/ISIL. Meanwhile, he’s deploying 3,000 combat troops to West Africa to help battle the Ebola outbreak.

Either way, Obama’s now a ‘war president.’

The Real Bully in this Case

The National Football League continues to tear itself apart from the inside-out. Another player is in trouble, accused of child abuse after whipping and leaving marks on his four-year-old son.

It has also decided to employ three women to help the league deal with situations involving domestic abuse and other incidents deemed important to women. Plus there is talk of firing Roger Goodel and replacing him with Condoleezza Rice.

Then Mary comes home telling me that local favorite Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,000 for supposedly calling someone a, “Nigger.” Kap says he didn’t say it and the player he reportedly said it to, Chicago defensive end Lamarr Houston, also says he didn’t say it.

Kap plans to appeal the charge and the fine.

It appears only Side Judge Laird Hayes heard what no-one else heard. Sounds like a case of bullying to me, which the NFL has stated will not be tolerated either on or off the field.

Seems very selective to me.

Shattered Landscape


Look upon shattered scapes,
Through front room drapes,
Fenced off neighborhood,
Where sage once stood.

Fence upon fence line the street
As property line and boundary meet,
No room for the jack rabbits’ run,
Tops of roof block out the sun.

Coyote yelps now hardly heard,
Settlement progress is the word,
Not the open land it used to be,
Roads, car are what they see.

Stop, listen for what one hears,
Wild land, wetland, destruction fears.
Where will they go when all is gone?
Where will we go when they’re all gone?

Who are the Khorason Group?

ABC News report today is the first time President Obama, et. al., mentioned the name of the Khorason group – however six-days earlier on September 18th, 2014 — during an intelligence gathering in Washington, D.C., Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated that “in terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much of a danger as ISIS/ISIL.”

Evidently the media completely missed this.

Khorasan is the assumed name of a Jihadist group in Syria with close ties to Al-Qaeda. The group is named after the historical region Khorasan that comprised parts of present-day Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in prehistoric and early Islāmic times and composed of former Al-Qaeda operatives from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

“Khorasan” is from the Middle Persian ‘khwar’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘āsān’ meaning ‘to come,’ thus meaning “land where the sun rises.” It is unusual for a Sunni group to take a Persian name, but one with a reference to the sun, a symbol in Zoroastrianism, is even more unusual.

Members are a jihadist from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target international aviation. The group uses the services of a very prominent Al-Qaeda bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, whose devices ended up on three U.S.-bound planes.

The Khorasan Group recruit jihadists from the West. They’re led by Muhsin al-Fadhli, who fled to Iran after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, and knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance.

Again we can’t call the enemy by it’s real name which is Al-Qaeda.

My Problem with ‘Left Behind’

A few years back there was a popular book series called, “Left Behind,” and now there is a new film starring Nicolas Cage. I however could never get into the series.

In the books as well as in the television series that followed, cars crashed and airplanes fell from the skies as people disappeared. These disappearances came as a result of the end of the world and the coming of the Christ.

While it may make for good TV or a good read, I cannot believe this is how Jesus would treat those that God the Father made in his image. The Lord I worship, pray too, believe in and have a relationship with is not a God of chaos.

Therefore, I’m certain that when it comes time for the ‘rapture,’ a word not even in the Bible, it will be a gentle event. And while those of us ‘left behind,’ will notice, it will not lead what the books depict.

Between the Moderates and Extremists

Time and again politicians and the media claim moderate Islamists are not a part of the violent wing of the Islāmic extremist movement. Yet, they are jus’ as violent, however we neither hear nor see this as we have the beheading of Americans and Brits.

Our supposed allies, the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia lops off the heads people, stone women and hangs homosexuals, jus’ like they do in Iran. Unfortunately, the American public is unaware of this.

I don’t understand why we are willing to put up with such crap.

Imagine if he Pope declared that anyone who left the Catholic church, painted-by-number a picture of Jesus Christ or disagreed with the churches doctrine, were to be killed by faithful followers. This would lead to a world-wide outcry and the end of the Vatican City State.

Thankfully, Christians (including Catholics) are not calling for the beheading of non-believers.

The Difference Between ISIS and ISIL

Sadly people are too burned out to look up the differences between ‘ISIS,’ and ‘ISIL.’ ISIS stands for the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,’ while ISIL is the acronym for ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.’

The Levant is a land mass consisting of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Southeast Europe, Western Asia, the Caucasus, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and parts of southern Turkey. Syria refers to ancient Assyria, which is northern Iraq, northeast Syria and southeastern Turkey.

These land masses are in line with what militant Islamists call the Caliphate.

Dad’s Encouragement

My folks were not strong on encouraging me or my siblings as we were growing up. I don’t hold this against them or feel anger towards them for this as I know they did the best they could.

It was jus’ the way it was in our family. Yet there was at least one time when Dad came as close to encouragement as he was able.

One evening we were all gathered around the television watching a ’60 Minutes’ segment about a photographer commissioned to create a portrait of England’s Queen Elizabeth. As it played, I complained that I wish I could afford an expensive camera so I could take great pictures too.

Dad responded, “You can take pictures like that using the 126 you’ve got if you learn about light and composition.”

As I laid in bed that night, I thought about what he’d said and concluded he was right. I’m still learning about light and composition.

The Bird that Backfired

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, my friend Kay purchased a nice turkey. She brought it home, unpacked it and slipped it into the refrigerator to defrost.

Some back story is important at this point. I had recently read a funny story about one family’s a turkey dinner.

“Last Thanksgiving, my mom decided to play a trick on my sister. To get her out of the house, she convinced her that we needed more half-and-half for the coffee.

While my sister was out, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removing the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, then put it inside the turkey, packing stuffing around it. She then put the turkey back in the oven.

When everything was ready, my sister took the turkey out of the oven and began removing the stuffing. When she felt something, she reached in pulled out the Cornish hen.

Pretending to be shocked, my mother exclaimed, ‘Patti, you’ve cooked a pregnant turkey!’

My sister began to cry and was inconsolable. It took us half an hour to convince her that turkeys lay eggs.”

The same evening Kay brought home the turkey, I went to the store a bought a hen. I then sneaked it into the larger bird.

Early Thanksgiving morning, Kay was up before Mary and I putting together that evenings feast. She already had a pumpkin pie in the oven and was putting the finishing touches on the stuffing when I wandered out and into the kitchen to fetch a cup of coffee.

Kay pulled the turkey from the fridge and began stuffing it. I sat there sipping my coffee, trying not to look puzzled as she scooped handful after handful into the bird’s cavity.

“You hungry?” Kay asked.

I nodded that I was.

Smiling, Kay responded, “Great. I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you.”

She then pulled the cooked Cornish game hen from the oven. I knew at that moment, the jig was up.

“Yeah,” she laughed, “I read the same story.”

The Media’s Lack of ‘Gravitas’

In the early part of this century, the media was against President George Bush, saying he wasn’t elected, rather he was ‘selected.’ Prior to that, when he picked Dick Cheney to be his running mate, they went on the attack claiming Bush picked Cheney only so he would have ‘gravitas,’ or some weight behind him.

Recently I’ve noticed the same media is using a new term: optics. I’m guessing its supposed to be a more adroit way of saying, ‘how things look.’

It’s actually a bull-shit term, especially when used to describe what the Obama Administration is doing publicly. Of all the administrations I’ve lived through, this one cares the least about how it looks to Americans than any other.

For years I’ve claimed that the media in general is much like a school of sharks, feeding on whatever ‘bloody’ morsel it can find. And when that morsel is gone, they start cannibalizing each others’ words.

I’m guilty of this too, yet when I use the progressives’ words against them, I’m accused of plagiarism.

Following President Obama’s tenth address to the nation, where he tried to outline his plan to deal with ISIS, the media coined a new label for him: reluctant warrior. These two words were used at least 20 times to describe him the morning following Obama’s speech.

It’s unfortunate that the media has no original thought of its own. Meanwhile, the sharks continue to circle.

Del Norte’s Education System Changes

In 1976, the Del Norte County Unified School District was looking to change the location alternative education sites and creating a continuation high school. The preferred spot was the old Dodge garage on Northcrest Drive.

The garage building was leased and included the relocation of the agriculture program that has recently lost its “home.” The owner of the building, Ardella Miller lowered the rent from her original asking price of $1,200 per month to $700.

An additional $71 a month was earmarked for insurance to cover the continuation and agriculture programs.

The district also hired Max Riley to head the continuation high school program. He had served in the psychology department of the school district, working with Roy Krause and Barbara Clausen who gave positive reports about his abilities.

He was placed in charge of selecting five teachers who would press a reality-based curriculum, complete with basic education plus the ability to stay current with what the students need to succeed in the world. Riley planned to model behavior he wanted to instill in the students and wanted to do everything possible to keep them in school.

The expanded continuation program expected to have 50 students the first year and would have as its goal the support and input of the parents, instilling the basics needed for work, taking care of truancy problems, and “teaching them to fish instead of giving them a fish.”

Chauvinist Pig-skin

Slowly but surely the national Football League is helping to eliminate itself from existence. It’s not the murderers, abusers or gangsta-types that are doing this either.

Rather it’s the NFL’s managements listening to outside activist organization like the ‘National Organization of Women.’ They, among others, charge that the NFL is rife with domestic abusers and that the league is covering up the problem.

A quick check of statistics on this crime show that domestic abuse is no more prevalent in the NFL than in all of society. So NOW really has no footing when it comes to its accusation.

The politically correct pressure is so great on the league that before every game there seems to be some dumb-ass commentator spouting off about the leagues’ evil. I’m certain that no-one tunes into a televised game to hear about the nation’s social ills.

Couple this with the leagues capitulation to the PC crowds attack on ‘hard hits,’ during the game, causing concussions, that left untreated can lead to dementia, et. al., and you have a good foundation to rid the country of the sport. By the way, there is no scientific proof that concussions lead to any brain dysfunction or any other disability it’s blamed for.

Also, if you look at the growth of the Latino and Hispanic populations in the U.S. and how the media hyped the 2014 World Soccer Cup, the NFL’s days are numbered. And sadly, the league is assisting by pound nails into its own coffin.

My Look at Technology

It was sometime during the Clinton Administration when I concluded the helicopter jus’ might be to my generation what the gasoline powered automobile was to our grandparents. Both were around when we were born and both have become vital to our society within our lifetimes as the technology advances.

At the time of writing that, the Internet was jus’ beginning to take hold around the world. In fact, not only have computers improved, so has the Internet.

When I finally invested myself in the understanding of this burgeoning technology, there was but two ‘search engines,’ available: CompuServe and America Online. And honestly, until Yahoo, Google and Bing — neither were much in the way very good at ‘searching the net,’ rather they were more for opening ‘chat rooms’ and such.

Also jus’ starting to find its place in society was the cellphone. Though I had seen one back in the early 80s and even owned a so-called ‘Brick,’ I didn’t have an operable one until 1995.

Today, cellphones are not only smaller than the palm of one’s hand, they are prolific. Even many homeless people seem to have cellphones as well.

There are some days I’m left to wonder — do we own this technology, or does this technology own civilization? It’ hard to tell.

With all this said, I still look upon the helicopter with fascination as I do the Model-T. Both are agents of change for their times.

It is with equal fascination that I view both the Internet and cellphone as great equalizer within the bounds of society’s structure. They are both so revolutionary that it is hard to see life without either.

Lastly, as technology finds its way into the weave of everyday life, I cannot even begin to dream of what our great-grandchildren’s lives will be like or what great invention waits their future. For all I know –it could be sticks, stones and the simple foot-fall.

An Act of Tough Love

Someplace in the Bible it reads that a ‘father should not vex his son.’ Unfortunately I believe I’ve done jus’ that.

For the last couple of years I’ve done my level best to get Kyle out from under his mother’s control. When I say ‘control’ I in fact mean her insistence he go to church and surrender his paychecks because she says too.

While attending church is not a bad thing, it is wrong to force an adult to go when they don’t want to go. As for handing over his paychecks for her use — the money goes towards the household and I don’t think I need to expound on how this is unfair.

During one of my conversations about his being under his mother’s thumb, I told him how I acted out of ‘tough love’ and ‘disappeared’ from my families lives for over a year. I explained he could do the same.

The following day I knew he was to return to his mothers’ home and because I miss him when he’s gone and I was feeling selfish, asked if he could stay another night. The request went sideways on me.

“Call your mom and tell her you’re not coming home,” I stated, “instead tell her you’re going to spend another night with me.”

An obviously exasperated Kyle responded, “I’m sick of you trying to change my mind all the time!”

There was a long pause between us — before I finally broke the silence, “Well, I’m sick of you being a mama’s boy, with no say and no life of your own!”

I wish I had chosen my words a bit more wisely, but sometimes love mixed with frustration causes me to say things in the most hurtful way.

The ironic bit of this tale is that Kyle is practicing, ‘tough love,’ jus’ as I explained it to him. I didn’t expect him to use it on me.

Bush on ISIS Before There Was an ISIS

Say what you will about Bush 43, but you gotta give him props on this one. Here’s part of what he said in a speech given on July 12th, 2007:

“I know some in Washington would like us to start leaving Iraq now. To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region, and for the United States. It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda. It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It would mean we’d allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan. It would mean increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”

President Barack Obama did withdraw troops before the commanders on the ground said they were ready to do so. In fact commanders recommended leaving 20,000 troops in Iraq — but Obama left none.

After our forces left, Al Qaeda’s successor, ISIS, the Islāmic State, came into power and has quickly grown in strength. Now – with ‘limited airpower’ and 495 U.S. advisors (but no ‘boots on the ground’) – we are returning to the same battlefields under our latest war-president, Barack Obama.

Putting Pride and Tax Money Before Justice

New DNA evidence in the 1976 murder of a University of Nevada, Reno student points to another and exonerates a woman serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cathy Woods is being granted a new trial, set for July 13th in the murder of Michelle Mitchell, and is being released from prison pending the outcome of a new trial.

The DNA matches Rodney Halbower according to the Washoe County Forensics Science Division. He’s already in prison on several convictions that include use of a deadly weapon, rape and escape.

The match was discovered this year after Halbower was transferred from Nevada to Oregon for crimes there. He’s also a person of interest in the 1976 Gypsy Hill murders because of a DNA match made by the San Mateo County Crime Lab.

Woods was found guilty twice, using only her recanted confession and circumstantial evidence, and not even the victim’s family believes she’s the one who slashed Mitchell’s throat, leaving her to die.  It seems the only reason a third trial’s been ordered, is so the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office can finally get it ‘right.’

It’s said that “justice is blind,” but does that doesn’t mean the DA’s office has to be dumb, wasting taxpayer’s money, when it can simply ask the court to vacate the verdict, setting Woods permanently free?

In Search of Human Enterovirus 68

ABC News reports: “A respiratory illness sweeping through parts of the U.S. has landed in Colorado, sickening hundreds of children, according to local doctors. The disease hasn’t been officially identified but (they) suspect a rare respiratory virus called Human Enterovirus 68.”

While authorities plan to investigate where the illness originated from, I think they ought to start by looking at the 60-thousand-plus children that allowed in to the U.S. illegally. Too bad the Obama administration will not release this information to the public or confirm or deny the possibility.

And I know that jus’ by recommending such an action and because political correctness dictates — I’ll be called a racist.

My Rookie Mistake

It’s a ‘rookie mistake’ on my part, shopping for shoes with a woman that isn’t my wife. I should have known better, but I did it anyway.

My friend Kay claimed to need new walking-shoes before going on a cruise later this year. So I thought, “How hard can that be?”

If I had to rate it from one to ten, with ten being the hardest possible, I’d say it was a 21. We looked through several different stores for nearly five-hours. But I must admit that our last stop was a classic.

After finding a shoe she absolutely ‘loved,’ Kay took nearly half-an-hour to find the right size. She explained that she needed to make sure the pair she purchased fit in a specific way.

By specific, she meant not too tight, not too loose, not too much heel, no uncomfortable pinching, etc. I know that had she been able to see my face, she would have seen a blank stare in my eyes.

I know it isn’t nice to check out like that – but sometimes self-defense comes before friendship.

The sales woman, a pregnant young lady of 19, ran back and forth pulling shoes from their stock. She climbed up and down the ladder in the back room searching for each shoe-size Kay requested.

At the end, and with 10 shoe boxes open and shoes of every size between 6 and 8, Kay simply looked at the woman and stated as fact, “I don’t like them.”

I nearly walked out of the store so I could go hide.

That’s when Kay said, “I’ll come back Sunday.”

Triggered, I responded, finishing her statement, “…and make this nice woman run up and down a ladder and back and forth again.”

Hearing my smart-assed remark, the young woman looked at me, “Oh she can come back Sunday, but I won’t be here – I have the day-off for my baby shower.”

“You’re pregnant?” Kay exclaimed, adding, “I didn’t notice!”

Once outside and at the car, Kay looked at me and asked, “I should I go back and buy a pair.”

“I thought you didn’t like them?” I responded.

“I don’t,” she answered, “but I feel bad for making her work so hard.”

Fortunately for the pregnant woman and my sanity, I was able to talk Kay out of returning to purchase a pair of shoes out of pity. But then on our way home Kay declared, “We need to find me a new purse.”

I nearly jumped from her car as we sped along northbound 395.

Del Norte County: 1977

The year 1977 was full of activities throughout Del Norte County. In Smith River, new lily ideas shared Lily Field Day brought experts from colleges, scientists, jobbers, and others interested in the bulb industry together with the growers to spend a day exploring the future. Research and Development chairman Birger Dalstrom opened the meeting and introduced the main speakers. 

Sharon McKinney, Dr. Al Roberts of Oregon State University, a specialist in ornamental horticulture, had developed test fields to try new bulb strains. James Green, also of the State University talked about micro irrigation and fertilizer injections and Dr. Bob Lindstrum, a USDA inspector, talked about the need for less fertilizer as the plant can only absorb so much and overfeeding creates nothing but waste. 

A little further south, a state senate bill authorized an $8 million acquisition of the Lake Earl property. The dune area and Lake Tolowa would be managed by Parks and Recreation, and Lake Earl and surrounding wetlands would be managed by the Department of Fish and Game.

The purchase had been in the works since the recommendation of the California Coastal Commission. It was deemed as having a high degree of statewide significance and importance.

In a ‘Del Norte Triplicate,’ editorial, publisher Jim Yarbrough stated that $8 million was not nearly enough to compensate the private owners and that included the lakes themselves. Yarbrough warned that the deal would consume more than expected as had the Redwood National Park.

Yarbrough acknowledged that much of the property is not useful for agriculture and has had building permits tied up by the Coastal Commission. Saving dunes and wetlands was not a bad idea since it takes the burden from private owners who cannot use their land for anything except running a few cows or sheep.

At the opposite end of the county, the Klamath Salmon Festival celebrated its 11th annual parade and feast. The theme for the day was “Redwoods to Peanuts.”

It was a day for the 4,000 plus visitors to understand the pressure put on Del Norte County by the federal government’s acquisition of more land to enlarge Redwood National Park. The floats and entries were judged on how well they depicted the theme.

Teri Philips was crowned as Festival Queen and was also in the Fourth of July parade. Long time business leader Jack Morris was the Grand Marshal of the parade.

Besides the barbecued salmon dinners that were served all day, there was music, a logging show including Jack and Jill double bucking, art show, fashion show, and much more. It was a true celebration of the town of Klamath and its comeback from the floods into a growing community.

What Tesla Can Teach Us about Taxes

In Stateline, Nevada during the 1940’s there used to be a “Welcome to Nevada” sign that read “A Debt Free State Welcomes You, ” “No sales tax, ” and “No Income Tax.”

That was different century though. Today,  while Nevada’s has no income tax, the state’s debt is well over $26 million and  it’s sales tax rate is now 6.85% to 8.1% depending on local municipalities.

Tesla’s decision to build their factory in Northern Nevada came with some incentives. These include transferable tax credits of $12,500 for up to 6,000 permanent, full-time employees, no real or personal property taxes until 2024, and exemption from Nevada’s 1.17 percent modified business tax on wages for 10 years.

Great — but there are two problems as I see it.

The first is employment. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the politicians and executives are boasting 6,500 jobs at an average of $25 an hour.

However, many of those jobs will be filled from outside the area. This is because Nevada’s education system ranks traditionally at the bottom of most national polls; we don’t have the trained workers necessary to fill the positions.

The second are the dim-wits who are ‘negotiating’ to bring this company to Nevada. They’ve wasted tax-payer money, when all they need to do is cut the cost of doing business in the state by eliminating over-regulation and high taxes.

Reno Blast Sends Several to Hospital

Several people were injured, including seven children, in an explosion at the Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno where docents were demonstrating how to make a smoke tornado.   

Authorities say that about a dozen children were seated six to 10 feet away from the routine experiment. They add, that the order in which the chemicals were applied got switched, causing a flash that lasted two to four seconds.

One child suffered second-degree burns and was kept overnight at Renown Regional Medical Center for observation. Officials with the hospital say six children and two adults were also treated, but released.

No serious damage was reported to the building. Reno Fire says it plans to recommend that the museum review its safety procedures.

The tornado effect is created when a cotton ball soaked with methyl alcohol is dusted with boric acid and then set on fire inside a large glass container. The jar is set on a Lazy Susan, then spun around to create a miniature green whirlwind.

The True Measure

Jesus said, “If anyone wants your shirt, hand over your coat as well and if someone wants you to walk a mile, walk two with them.”

I’m paraphrasing of course.

As a kid I believed that was only in the event I was being forced. But as an adult, I’m not so sure.

Yes, I can give you the shirt of my back and the coat too and I’d walk a couple miles with you, but in the end what good would it do you? If I handed you all the cash in my wallet, the keys to my truck or give you a room in my house in which to live, what have you gained?

Nothing! It all jus’ stuff.

It is far better to love you unconditionally, despite or perhaps in spite of our differences. Love leads to hope and is the one truly charitable item we possess that can be given away freely.

Privacy and Priority

“The FBI and Apple said Monday they are investigating the apparent hacking of iCloud accounts that led to alleged nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female stars being posted online,” reports NBC News

The FBI is also investigating former IRS head Lois Lerner about her actions involving the targeting of conservative groups. However neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice is looking into the IRS as a whole for its illegal activities.

But what can anyone expect when the NSA is sharing ill-gotten metadata with the FBI, the DOJ and another 21 agencies? Certainly not an investigation into what really matters to a U.S. citizen.

In the end, a Hollywood celebrity’s privacy is more important to the FBI than those of a regular American, including those not involved in the Tea Party.

Life Lesson #5

Stop trying to be someone you’re not.
One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else.
Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger, but they will never be you.
Don’t change so people will like you.
Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.