Told You This Would Happen

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas says a patient being evaluated for Ebola has tested positive for the virus. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the case -- the first time Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States. Interesting to note that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a large number of … Continue reading Told You This Would Happen


Television Conversations

“For crying out loud,” Mary exclaimed, “with all the crap that’s going on in the world – this is the most popular thing online?” Surprised by her sudden outburst, “What?!” “People are complaining that they don’t like some actress’s new haircut,” she stated with disgust. There was long pause before she added, “What’s wrong with … Continue reading Television Conversations

The Possibility of an Airborne Ebola Virus

It’s been years since I was a U.S. Air Force Environmental Health Tech. And while there are new ways being employed to halt infections, the nature of contracting a disease hasn’t changed. Ingestion, inhalation and injection are for any vector-borne disease the gateway into the human body. However those charged with the care of an Ebola infected … Continue reading The Possibility of an Airborne Ebola Virus

The Real Bully in this Case

The National Football League continues to tear itself apart from the inside-out. Another player is in trouble, accused of child abuse after whipping and leaving marks on his four-year-old son. It has also decided to employ three women to help the league deal with situations involving domestic abuse and other incidents deemed important to women. … Continue reading The Real Bully in this Case

Who are the Khorason Group?

ABC News report today is the first time President Obama, et. al., mentioned the name of the Khorason group – however six-days earlier on September 18th, 2014 -- during an intelligence gathering in Washington, D.C., Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated that "in terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much … Continue reading Who are the Khorason Group?

The Difference Between ISIS and ISIL

Sadly people are too burned out to look up the differences between 'ISIS,' and 'ISIL.' ISIS stands for the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,' while ISIL is the acronym for 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.' The Levant is a land mass consisting of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Southeast Europe, Western … Continue reading The Difference Between ISIS and ISIL

Del Norte’s Education System Changes

In 1976, the Del Norte County Unified School District was looking to change the location alternative education sites and creating a continuation high school. The preferred spot was the old Dodge garage on Northcrest Drive.The garage building was leased and included the relocation of the agriculture program that has recently lost its "home." The owner of the building, Ardella … Continue reading Del Norte’s Education System Changes

Chauvinist Pig-skin

Slowly but surely the national Football League is helping to eliminate itself from existence. It's not the murderers, abusers or gangsta-types that are doing this either. Rather it's the NFL's managements listening to outside activist organization like the 'National Organization of Women.' They, among others, charge that the NFL is rife with domestic abusers and … Continue reading Chauvinist Pig-skin

Putting Pride and Tax Money Before Justice

New DNA evidence in the 1976 murder of a University of Nevada, Reno student points to another and exonerates a woman serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cathy Woods is being granted a new trial, set for July 13th in the murder of Michelle Mitchell, and is being released from prison pending … Continue reading Putting Pride and Tax Money Before Justice

In Search of Human Enterovirus 68

ABC News reports: “A respiratory illness sweeping through parts of the U.S. has landed in Colorado, sickening hundreds of children, according to local doctors. The disease hasn't been officially identified but (they) suspect a rare respiratory virus called Human Enterovirus 68.” While authorities plan to investigate where the illness originated from, I think they ought to … Continue reading In Search of Human Enterovirus 68

Del Norte County: 1977

The year 1977 was full of activities throughout Del Norte County. In Smith River, new lily ideas shared Lily Field Day brought experts from colleges, scientists, jobbers, and others interested in the bulb industry together with the growers to spend a day exploring the future. Research and Development chairman Birger Dalstrom opened the meeting and … Continue reading Del Norte County: 1977

Reno Blast Sends Several to Hospital

Several people were injured, including seven children, in an explosion at the Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno where docents were demonstrating how to make a smoke tornado.   Authorities say that about a dozen children were seated six to 10 feet away from the routine experiment. They add, that the order in which the chemicals were applied … Continue reading Reno Blast Sends Several to Hospital

Privacy and Priority

“The FBI and Apple said Monday they are investigating the apparent hacking of iCloud accounts that led to alleged nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female stars being posted online,” reports NBC News The FBI is also investigating former IRS head Lois Lerner about her actions involving the targeting of conservative groups. However neither … Continue reading Privacy and Priority