Correct Opinion?

A friend of mine and I were talking about political commentators, when he said he believed Glenn Beck was ‘hate-monger’ and ‘race-baiter.’

“Really?” I asked, adding “When’s the last time you listened to him?”

He answered rather proudly, “I never have.”

“So how do you know that he’s a a hate-monger and race-baiter?” I countered.

“I’m going by what others have said about him,” he replied.

There was along pause in our coverstion. In the end we left it at that as we both knew it was bout to get ugly.

In my opinion, this is exactly what is wrong with the U.S. Each of us form an opinion before we know what we’re talking about and it is generally done so on someone else’s word.

We each NEED to do our OWN homework BEFORE simply agreeing with what we believe is the ‘correct’ opinion.

And yes, I have listened to those political commentators I don’t agree with. While I dislike it tremendously, I learn information from them that I would otherwise never have heard and thus my opinion would be lesser for it.

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