Where the Politically Incorrect Are

There was a time when those who went to tattoo parlors were the ‘social misfits’ of the community. I contend that they are not when it comes to freedom of expression, rather the real misfits in today’s society are those who bad-mouth such places and such people.

My conclusion is drawn on the fact that the word ‘fuck in used like baseballs at a major league game. Furthermore, the word ‘nigger’ blasts from the sound system that plays the kind of rap music most ‘regular’ people claim they try to avoid.

But after observing this stuff, I realized that the vulgar language, the disparaging rap songs and the ‘social misfits’ are actually the ‘new’ normal. They are practicing their freedom of expression that only a few people know how to do.

It’s a shame that such a freedom loving portion of the U.S. has been mislabeled they way they have. These are the kind of people who don’t worry about what is or isn’t politically correct and I think it is time that as a people we should take a lesson from them.

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