Jews Under Attack World Wide

Since Operation Protective Edge began a week ago, anti-Israel demonstrations and anti-Semitic incidents have taken place around the world as far apart as The Hague, Hong Kong and Mexico City, where some protesters were seen carrying signs with swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans.

In Los Angeles, a federal officer fired his weapon Sunday during a pro-Israel rally held in front of the federal building in Westwood in an attempt to defuse an fight that broke out when pro-Palestinian counter-protesters arrived at the rally. An officer with the Department of Homeland Security sought to intervene and fired his weapon once.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a group of men drove past the protest displaying a Palestinian flag then had the flag ripped away. When men from the truck attempted to retrieve the flag, there was a confrontation.

No one was injured in the incident.

Clashes erupted in Paris on Sunday as thousands of people protested against Israel and in support of residents in the Gaza Strip, where a six-day conflict has left 166 Palestinians dead. Several thousand demonstrators walked calmly through the streets of Paris behind a large banner that read “Total Support for the Struggle of the Palestinian People.”

Some of the slogans went beyond support for Palestine.

“We had multiple witnesses who told us they heard cries of ‘Death to Jews,'” Sacha Reingewirtz, president the Union of Jewish Students of France said. “I call on them to cease blaming Jews in France for the conflict, as they have nothing to do with it.”

Anti-Israel protesters swirled around the Synagogue Don Isaac Abravanel in Paris, screaming hate-filled epithets and hurling rocks and bottles as the Jews cowered inside, fearful for their lives. At another synagogue nearby, protesters tried to force their way into the building, armed with bats and chairs.

“I came to say no to this massacre,” said Amid Hamadouch, who had a sticker reading “Boycott Israel, Racist State” on his jacket.

“They are bombing innocent people,” added Hamadouch. “There are missiles being launched by Hamas, but the Israeli response is disproportionate. They are attacking the civilian population and not Hamas officials.”

The group was freed to leave the center only after police intervention at 9 pm. A Jewish owned store on rue de la Roquette was trashed by 50 men with iron bars and a young man was hospitalized nearby.

Thousands of pro-terrorist protesters also surrounded the French shul on Sunday throwing rocks into the building as congregants waited inside for police support. They had come to the synagogue on Sunday for a ceremony to honor the memory of the three Israeli teens that were kidnapped and slain.

On Friday night a firebomb went off at the entrance to the synagogue Aulnay-sous-Bois which is a northeastern suburb of Paris. On Saturday a crowd outside a synagogue in an eastern suburb of Paris chanted “death to the Jews” and “slaughter the Jews” in both Arabic and French, as protesters spit on the worshippers.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned the attempted synagogue stormings “in the strongest possible terms. Such acts targeting places of worship are unacceptable,” he said in a statement.

“I am profoundly shocked and revolted. This aggression towards the Jewish community has taken an absolutely unacceptable turn,” said Joel Mergui, president of the Israelite Central Consistory of France.

Meanwhile Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo called for “calm in the face of tensions” in the Middle East.

In Germany, police allowed an anti-Israel protester to climb inside a police car and shout slogans including “Child murderer Israel” and “Allahu Akbar” using the vehicles’ megaphone. Frankfurt Police let the protester use the megaphone during a Free Gaza demonstration Saturday because he had offered to calm down a protest that had turned violent.

“We as police had come up spontaneously with this unusual method and he abused it — we didn’t expect that,” spokeswoman Virginie Wegner said. “Police are neutral during protests.”

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, condemned the incident.

“I’m shocked that a German police car was used to spread hatred and agitation,” Graumann said. “It was a big mistake that the police let themselves be abused for this.”

Meanwhile, Rabbi Moshe Ohayon of Morocco’s Jewish community in Casablanca was attacked Friday. Authorities say a young man waited for the rabbi near the synagogue, then beat him repeatedly, breaking several of his ribs and causing him to lose consciousness.

The attacker reportedly asked the rabbi what the Israeli military was doing to his “brothers,” before hitting him.

In Sydney, more than 4,000 people gathered for a pro-Palestinian protest. Thousands more protested outside the Israeli Embassy in London on Friday, with similar demonstrations held in Dublin and Oslo.

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