California’s “Fix in Six”

The push to split up California into six different states may have taken a step forward. Supporters of the “Fix it in Six” initiative say they turned in 1.3 million signatures to the California Secretary of State’s Office. They need a little more than 800,000 signatures to get this idea on the 2016 ballot.

Getting the idea before voters and on the ballot is one hurdle. Critics say, this idea will face even bigger obstacles.

Some research indicates the poorer areas of California would be far worse off by this proposal. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office claims the new Silicon Valley would become the nation’s richest state, while Central California would become its poorest.

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper is the man behind this effort. He and other supporters say this idea will make California government more modern and more responsive.

“The interests of 38 million Californians cannot be served by one government. There are 38 million of us trying to talk at the same time and they’re (lawmakers) just hearing noise, coming from all sides,” said Draper.

“Under a new regime, you can govern yourself. You don’t have to be governed by a bunch of voters who live way away from you. You can encourage jobs, you can take those jobs that are going off to other states and get them into places that need them, like in Central California,” he added

The plan would divide California into six states. The northernmost part would be a new state called “Jefferson.” “South California” would include San Diego and East Los Angeles. The rest of L.A. would be called “West California.” “North California” would be established surrounding Sacramento, and “Central California” would include the central valley farm areas, including Tulare and Fresno counties.

It’s believed there have been more than 200 attempts in California history to divide the state and all have failed.

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