Patricia Steele-Bettega, 1961-2014

Patricia Steele-Bettega passed away Friday, June 13, 2014. Better known to her friends and family as Patsy, she was born January 9th, 1961, in Santa Rosa, California.

She went to school at Margaret Keating School, Crescent Elk Middle School and Del Norte High School. Patsy was a member of the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians.

We went to school together in Klamath at Margaret Keating. Later, she and I attended the same fifth period worthless math class at Del Norte High in Crescent City.

Somehow, I let her talk me out of a scorpion choker I had bought in San Francisco – which she never gave back. She called my bluff, punching me in the nose when I tried to grab it back from her.

Patsy was tough like that and though short in height, no one messed with her. The memory makes me chuckle, now, but at the time Mr. Sveum chased me out of the classroom because I was bleeding all over the floor.

Patsy’s husband, Edwin Bettega Jr. passed away before she did as did her father, Daniel and sisters, Nadine and Sandra. She is however survived by her daughter, Natasha and son Edwin, her mother, Carol and brothers, Bert and Randy.

She was laid to rest June 19th at the IOOF Memorial Cemetery in Crescent City, California.


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