Harry Reid’s Money Woes

Senator Harry Reid is fixated with the Koch brothers. It’s hard to describe the nonstop onslaught against the billionaire brothers especially when he goes on tirades like this:

“The Koch brothers and other moneyed interests are influencing the politics in a way not seen for generations. Republican senators have come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers’ attempt to buy our democracy,” he said while on the Senate floor. “Once again, Republicans are all in to protect their billionaire friends.”

“Not only have Senate Republicans come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers personally, they have again and again defended the Koch brothers’ radical agenda – and it is radical, at least from the middle-class perspective,” he added.

To hear him talk — billionaires are some real bad guys.

“But what else should we expect?” Reid complained in yet another rant from the Senate floor. “The decisions by the Supreme Court have left the American people with a status quo in which one side’s billionaires are pitted against the other side’s billionaires. Except one side doesn’t have billionaires.”

But when you look at Senate Majority PAC and the Democrats taking their money, it’s hard to miss the billionaires on the list.

Michael Bloomberg is the largest donor to the Senate Majority PAC. The list of donors also includes billionaires Jon Stryker, Steven Spielberg, Dirk Ziff and not-quite-billionaire donors like Jeffrey Katzenberg and the Weinstein Company.

Senator Mary Landrieu, whose campaign has been blasting the Koch brothers, got money from billionaire, Eli Broad. Senator Kay Hagan’s campaign complains about the billionaire Koch brothers but she took money directly from television mogul Haim Saban.

Then there’s Senator Mark Pryor, who decries the billionaire Koch Brothers, then accepts cash from Charles Ergen. Also guilty is Senator Mark Udall, who is upset about billionaire money but has his own billionaire donors – George Soros and Leonard Lauder.

But this isn’t the only money problem Reid appears to be having trouble with.

In a blow to get Congress’ budget back on track, Reid yanked a $180 billion spending measure. The move came after Republicans protested a plan that would have denied them the chance to more easily win changes to the measure.

Reid was also a force in canceling committee consideration of a separate energy and water projects spending bill. He did this after realizing he didn’t have enough votes to win changes to government rules on carbon emissions from existing coal-fired power plants.

But then again, Reid has more important matters of state to deal with than budgets and campaign finances. He has to ensure the political correctness of the nations.

Reid — a vocal opponent of the Washington Redskins name — took to the floor to continue slamming the team’s owner following the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to cancel the team’s trademarks.

“The Redskins no longer have trademarks. They are gone,” the Nevada Democrat said. “Daniel Snyder may be the last person in the world to realize this, but it’s just a matter of time until he is forced to do the right thing and change the name.”

“And so, as I understand the law, if the presiding officer wants to use the name Redskins to sell some shirts, you can do that,” he added.

Reid, again calling the team’s name racist noted there are 27 Native American tribes in his state and added that the issue was “extremely important” to the Native American population across the country.

He stated, “The name will change and justice will be done for the tribes in Nevada and across the nation.”

So it shouldn’t be any surprise when one discovers what else is going one besides Reid’s ‘anti-Redskin’ harangue.

Two bills submitted by Reid would transfer almost 93,000 acres of federal land into trust for seven northern Nevada tribes stretching from Elko to the Reno area. One of those bills would also expand the Moapa Paiute reservation in Nevada’s Clark County by 26,000 acres.

The additional land would mean a great deal to the tribe’s 320 members, including many who live on the reservation about 30 miles north of Las Vegas. In recent years, the tribe has pursued development of renewable energy on its land, aiding an ambition Reid has had to make Nevada a major player in solar and wind energy generation.

In March, the tribe broke ground on a 250-megawatt plant billed as the first utility-scale solar project approved on tribal land. The project, it’s claimed can generate electricity to feed 93,000 homes by the end of 2015.

In May, federal officials cleared the way for a new 200-megawatt photo-voltaic array to be built on those same tribal lands with the backing of NV Energy. The facility is expected to generate enough electricity for about 60,000 homes.

Incidentally, the solar project is about 35 miles from Cliven Bundy’s Nevada homestead in Bunkerville. Reid caught flak earlier this after it was learned the land Bundy has been grazing his cattle on for years, was also same on which Reid sought to have ENN Energy Group, a Chinese energy company, build a $5 billion solar panel plant.

For Reid – it’s all about the money.

Just this week, Reid sold the rights to a number of Nevada mines he holds interest in, pulling in $1.7 million. The rights he sold were worth between $200,000 and $415,000 in 1995 and by 2012; those rights were worth between $315,000 and $900,000.

While there is nothing wrong with Reid sale of mineral rights, it should be noted that all four of Reid’s sons, Rory, Leif, Josh, and Key, have worked for Lionel Sawyer & Collins, which represents a number of the Nevada’s mining companies. Furthermore, Reid’s daughter Lana is married to Washington, D.C., lobbyist Steven Barringer, who has represented the National Mining Association as well as nine other mining companies.

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