Pam Collins, 1943-2014

Life-long Klamath, California resident Pam Collins passed away May 29, 2014. Born March 4, 1943 to Pernie and Ernest “Mike” Benedict, she married Tom Collins, June 25, 1960.

We used to go with our folks to visit ‘Grandma’ Pernie and ‘Grandpa’ Mike. Her brother was better known as ‘Uncle Ron,’ to me and my siblings, since he used to come to the house for dinner before he got married.

Lori and I attended school together at both Margaret Keating School and then Del Norte High. One time Mike was over at our house because Mom was babysitting him, and after irritating me with his constant teasing, I threatened to hang him on the wall by his thumbs.

When Pam found out what I said, she was ready to skin me alive. I don’t think Mom ever watched Mike again after that.

Pam’s survived by her husband Tom; her children Lori, Michael, and Joel.  She was preceded in death by her parents and brother.

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