Linking the Bundy Tape to Another Reid Ethics Violation

It took six-days for the national press to release the video showing Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy ‘testifying’ about whether ‘the Negro’ or ‘Mexican people’ are any happier because of government subsidies. There is a reason the complicit media held that tape as long as it did.

They are protecting the Democratic Party – which should have received another black-eye, but didn’t. Instead the progressive media tried to discredit Libertarians and Conservatives by painting them as ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ for supporting what amount to a fight over federal overreach.

The video hit the airways the same day the Republican Party of Louisiana filed a formal complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics against Senator Harry Reid. The subject of the complaint was “Senator Harry Reid’s Use of Tax Payer Resources for Campaign Purposes” and deals with the use of Senate staff and facilities for support of political candidates and for campaign programs aimed against the Koch brothers with false and misleading attack ads in the last election cycle.

Chairman Roger Villere, of the LAGOP, sent a letter to the heads of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics — Senator Barbara Boxer, and Johnny Isakson — calling on the lawmakers to investigate whether Reid has engaged in “campaign activities using staff, equipment and facilities paid for with public funds.”

“Specifically, Senator Reid has violated Senate rules that prohibit Members of the Senate from using websites located on the host-domain for partisan political campaign purposes as well as the prohibitions regarding using official resources for political purposes,” Villere wrote. “Therefore, we respectful request that the Committee investigate Senator Reid’s misuse of taxpayer resources and sanction him appropriately.”

Reid is accused of using his official Senate website and Twitter account to attack the Koch’s, who are helping to finance TV ads against Senate Democratic candidates, including Mary Landrieu, and Louisiana GOP Executive Director Jason Dore says people have had enough of Reid.

“Americans are fed up with the type of hyper-partisan campaigning, and it is appalling that Harry Reid would use taxpayer resources to breach Senate ethics rules and pursue this kind of activity in his official capacity as Senate Majority Leader,” Dore said. “The Senate Ethics Committee needs to make clear this type of behavior has no place in the United States Senate and no one is above the rules, even the Senate Majority leader. It’s time Harry Reid is held accountable for his actions.”

Reid has criticized the Koch brothers on the Senate floor several times over the last few months, calling them “un-American” for spending millions of dollars on ads attacking vulnerable Senate Democrats for their support of the Affordable Care Act.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said the GOP’s latest tactics show that Republicans have a “blind obedience to the shadowy, billionaire Koch brothers.”

“Republicans rushing to defend the billionaire Koch brothers is just further evidence that when the Koch brothers say, ‘Jump,’ Republicans ask, ‘How high?'” Jentleson said.

These new charges fall on top of allegations about the senior Nevada Senator funneling $31,000 in campaign money to Ryan Elisabeth for holiday gifts. It was ultimately revealed Ryan Elisabeth is actually Ryan Elisabeth Reid, the Senator’s granddaughter.

Reid decided after the allegations surfaced to reimburse the campaign.

“I thought it would be nice to give supporters and staff thank-you gifts that had a personal connection and a Searchlight (Nevada) connection, but I have decided to reimburse the campaign for the amount of the expenditures.”

Reid has also been in the news recently after stating that the ongoing struggle between Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management wasn’t ‘over,’ then calling Patriots and Minute Men who came to ranch to support the embattled cow herder “domestic terrorists.”

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