Facebook and Harry Reid


Senator Harry Reid is getting slammed on his public Facebook page, following statements made about the Bureau of Land Management’s handling of Cliven Bundy’s Ranch.  Reid, who is tied to at least two financial interests in the BLM’s action against the cattle rancher, recently stated the situation is “not over.”

Since then Reid’s Facebook page, has been swamped by people who have very little nice to say too him or about him. For me, level of anger shown in regard to the Bundy Ranch situation provides a telling insight into the prevailing public sentiment.

A downtown tour of Las Vegas with Zappo’s Chief Exec Tony Hsieh, last Tuesday was met with less than 100 ‘likes.’ Many used the posting to express how they feel towards the senior Senator from Nevada.

“Creep! Creep! Go to jail….hang from the peoples rope,” wrote one man. “You are a criminal. I cannot wait until I hear the sound of your neck in a gallows.” Another, this one from a woman, was short and simple: “Harry Reid is a political terrorist.”

Unfortunately, it seems the social site is carrying Reid’s water for him now by censoring other sites.

Last Thursday, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes got tripped up by Facebook’ ever changing community standards.  His post was removed after he wrote something about Bundy’s cows.

“Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love.”

According to Starnes, “I realized I had landed in the Facebook gulag when I tried to post our daily Bible verse.  However, I was unable to post anything because Facebook had taken great offense to something I had written.”

Starnes is quick to point out that Facebook has the right to censor him since it is their company but adds they should be unbiased.

“And while they may censor conservative and Christian postings, Facebook is quite welcoming and affirming to leftwing diatribes against Republicans, religion and the Tea Party,” he writes.  “I just wish the folks at Facebook were a bit more tolerant — and diverse.

However, Starnes isn’t the only online casualty of free speech and opinion. The group “Oath Keepers” found themselves offline after putting out a new call for more Patriots and Minute Men to come and stand watch at the Bundy Ranch.

“We need boots on the ground,” Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes posted, “We want you here, standing watch, which is appropriate for us Oath Keepers since our motto is “Not on Our Watch.”

Since then the site has been re-activated and a new message sent by Rhodes, explaining what happened. They have since resorted to a back-up communications system at oath-keepers.blogspot.com.

The timing of these three events is curious — considering they all happened shortly after a call to action, on news and pictures showing the cows killed by the BLM and word of Reid‘s underhanded dealings with regard to the land.

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