Save The Klamath

save the klamath

The battle over keeping the Klamath River wild has been an ongoing battle, fought for nearly a century as California Proposition 11 was on the November 4, 1924 ballot as an initiated state statute. The ballot reads in part:

“Klamath River Fish and Game District. Initiative measures Creates Klamath River Fish and Game District consisting of Klamath River and waters thereof following its meanderings from confluence of Klamath and Shasta Rivers in Siskiyou County to mouth of Klamath River in Del Norte County. Prohibits the construction or maintenance of any dam or other artificial obstruction in waters of said district, prescribes penalties therefor (sic), and declares any such artificial obstruction to be a nuisance.”

The argument for the measure was penned by J. A. Ager, Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Siskiyou County and Frank M. Newbert, President Fish and Game Commission of California. The argument against the bill was written by R.J Wade, Secretary, Eureka Chamber of Commerce and Fred M. Kay, County Clerk, Humboldt County.

The measure was approved.

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