Level II Look-a-like Firearm

finger gun

Let me off the STUPID train, please!

A 10-year-old Columbus, Ohio, student received a three-day suspension because he used a ‘Level II Look-a-like Firearm’ to pretend to shoot another student.  In school-yard-speak, a ‘Level II Look-a-like Firearm’ is a forefinger and thumb held in such a way as to resemble a gun.

It’s called a ‘Level II Look-a-like Firearm’ because school and law enforcement authorities know adults are laughing at their stupidity. Plus it looks more serious in the child’s record than ‘finger gun.’

Fifth grader Nathan Entingh’s “violent” act of pointing his ‘Level II Look-a-like Firearm’ at the head of a fellow student violated Devonshire Alternative Elementary School’s zero-tolerance gun policy. And the “victim” didn’t even see the mock execution, which was instead spotted by a teacher.

Fortunately, the teacher stopped the incident before any of the students suffered a make-believe injury.

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