Banning a Word Doesn’t Change Nature

Jus’ in time for International Women’s Day, the chief operation officer for Facebook and author of the book “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg is heading up a campaign to ban the word “bossy,” saying the word stops girls from “pursuing leadership roles.” I think it’s more about money and yet another attack on free speech.

“This same social pattern influences salary expectations. A 2011 survey showed that long before they even hit the workforce, teenage girls expect lower starting pay than teenage boys,” she writes. “And this trend continues throughout college where a 2010 study revealed that women’s expected peak-pay expectations were 33 percent lower than men’s.”

I’ve heard many of the same figures bandied about since 1973 and one would think that after so many decades the numbers would have changed. Oh, wait – it has – according to the a 2003 Government Accounting Office report working women today earn an average of 80 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.

She adds, “(Bossy) is symbolic of systemic discouragement of girls to lead. We are not just talking about getting rid of a word, even though we want to get rid of a word,” she adds. “We’re talking about getting rid of the negative messages that hold our daughters back.”

However, even Sandberg’s website declares: “By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys — a trend that continues into adulthood.” But no one is asking the question, “Why don’t girls want to lead?”

It is actually simple. They do – but in a way that is far different from how boys want to lead. It is the way the female mind and emotion is hard-wired to the body and nearly opposite from the design of the wiring of the male mind and emotion.

I mean, if it hadn’t been for my younger sister’s and a couple of neighborhood girls and their ‘bossy’ ways, I might have gotten in worse trouble than I did as a kid.

Sandberg, like many feminists, seeks to alter what is natural in the human species. I need not point this out, but telling mom that little boy’s should not play ‘army’ and to do this, don’t buy them toy guns has yet to work.

Instead, the little boys (and yes – little girls too,) pick up sticks to make a pretend ‘machine gun,’ rocks for  ‘hand grenades,’ and  their fingers and thumbs to create a pistol. Unfortunately, a finger gun has now been reclassified a “Level II Look-a-like Firearm,” in many school districts.

Finally, the subject of ‘bossy,’ came up while I was at my veterinarian clinic and one technician named Amber pointed out, “Banning the word bossy, is jus’ another way of being bossy. Besides,” she adds, “when the word ‘boobalicious’ is banned from Facebook, I might take her (Sandberg) a little more serious.”

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