Nut-lock Patented by Truckee Man


Truckee resident Charles C. Garrison received patent number ‘US798778 A’ for his nut-lock design, September 5th, 1905, permitting a nut to be screwed on a bolt but not unscrewed except by using the tool itself. His patent consists of a pawl, or dog, and a spring that protrudes through the hole in the nut which screws onto the bolt.

The shaped catch fits into a groove extended the entire length of the threaded part, cut the same depth as the threads, on two sides of the bolt. The nut is screwed on the same as an ordinary one, but has to be pressed-in to release the spring.

According to the Sacramento Bee, “The improved nut is not weakened by the spring and dog which is imbedded in the nut, as it is made heavier. The pawl prevents the nut from working loose.”

Garrison’s invention revolutionized old-style nuts and bolts.  He first filed for the patent January 28th, 1904.

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