Lake Tahoe’s Meteor


The iron tug, Meteor, built-in 1876 at Wilmington, Delaware, by Harlan, Hollingsworth & Co.,  was then taken apart, shipped by rail to Carson City and hauled by horse teams to Lake Tahoe. The Meteor was owned by D.L Bliss, who launched it in September 1876.

It was propeller driven, eighty feet long and had a ten feet beam, at a cost of $18,000. At full speed she could do 19.5 knots, which is roughly 22 miles-per-hour.

Her initial purpose was to pull logs across Lake Tahoe. However, she ended up entertaining Presidents’ Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes as well as a host of other dignitaries.

With the highway encircling the lake completed, D.L.’s son, Will Bliss decided to sell the Meteor. Unfortunately, the vessel sat in a dry dock up at Tahoe City falling into disrepair and being vandalized, so Will purchased her back.

He ended up scuttling the boat off-shore from Glenbrook, in August 1940. The Meteor has yet to be found.

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