Las Vegas Police Continue Investigating Cline Brothers

A purse snatching attempt in the parking lot of the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas left a 79-year-old woman injured January 18th. She held on to the purse, even after being knocked to the ground and dragged, forcing the would-be robber to give-up and jump into a silver Volkswagen Jetta, where he and the driver sped away.

Brothers, Brent and Raymond Cline were arrested after police received a call from their step-father. Sean Schmitt told investigators who they were, that the car used in the robbery attempt was his, when the two young men would be home, and when to come get them.

As the investigation progresses, a number of people have tried to connect the brothers to a hit and run that happened Halloween night last year involving another silver Jetta. In the incident, 6-year-old Brazyl Ward was critically injured.

Brazyl needed emergency brain surgery, suffered a broken femur, and was put into a medically induced coma. She was released from University Medical Center in late December and still has limited movement in the right side of her face, and will have to relearn how to chew, eat, and walk.

Investigators continue to look for the other vehicle, which they suspect has damage to its front right side. They are also search for the driver, whose described a Latino male.

The pair’s mother, Lyn Schmitt says Raymond was with her and her youngest son, in the Jetta, trick-or-treating at the time of the hit and run. Meanwhile, Brent was at home with his step-father, handing out candy.

They remain in jail, charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and attempted robbery.

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