What is Right and What is Wrong

For the last couple of months I’ve been avoiding writing about politics as it effects our American society, because I’ve been wanting to find a way to give my opinion without completely ticking people who disagree with me off. I came to the idea that my thoughts should be integrated with history lessons, not jus’ commentary.

At first it appeared as if this new approach would solve my dilemma, but then I looked at the news this morning and I found myself lost. There is so much negative news (in my opinion) that it is overwhelming.

For instance, police in Florida forced a woman out of her home because SWAT was conducting an operation against her neighbor. They didn’t ask her for the usage of the house – but rather threatened to arrest her if she refused to comply.

How do I teach a history lesson out of that?

Sure, I can point out that it is unconstitutional to “quarter soldiers” in private citizens home without their permission. But Progressives will be quick to point out the police are not ‘soldiers,’ and thus render my argument moot.

This is because of how ‘complicit,’ our ‘free’ media has become with the Progressive movement. I found two examples that have left me shaking my head and in complete fear.

The first is from the publication ‘Salon,’ which earlier this week published an essay in defense of Communism.  The second is from ‘Rolling Stone,’ which lauds the same ideal.

While neither publications position is a surprise to me, it has left me shaken. The idea that ‘Communism,’ is being mainstreamed is frightening to me.

There is no way for me to combat this and it leaves me hopeless and empty.

Finally, the number of ‘newspeak’ incidents that both the administration and the media are engaged in has become a daily nightmare. The latest comes from the Congressional Office of Budget and Management report which says more Americans will find themselves either underemployed or unemployed due to ‘ObamaCare,’ than initially reported when the law was conceived.

However that is not how NBC or ABC chose to tell it. Instead they went with what Adminatration spokesman Jay Carney claimed the CBO report said, “…more Americans will now be able to choose whether they want to work full-time or not.”

In the end all I know is what is right and what is wrong. Forcing a person to give up their property, whether temporary or not, is wrong; claiming communism is good for a society is wrong; and lying to the American people is wrong.

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