Two Brothers Arrested in String of Vegas Robberies

In fairness, this news article is about two young men I have known since they were in grade school. Imagine their mother’s heartbreak, seeing one of her two eldest children in the television news, wanted for committing a violent crime.

That is how this story came to be known by me.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested two brothers in connection with a string of violent purse snatchings. Raymond and Brent Cline are suspected in at least four incidents in the northwest valley.

In a robbery on January 5th, one of the men ran up behind a woman about midnight as she returned home and entered her garage near St. Rose Parkway and Bermuda Road. He grabbed her purse and dragged her across the driveway before she let go.

During another robbery, a woman was injured as one of the suspects ripped her wallet from her hands. In a third one, one of the suspects entered a grocery store within the area of Centennial Hills and Ann Road.

He then exited the business and approached the victim in the parking lot at which time he robbed her of her wallet. The suspect then ran and entered a vehicle which then sped off.

In September 2010, Brent Cline was charged with unlawful use and possession of drug paraphernalia. His older brother, Raymond was arrested in November 2011 for petty larceny.

Both men are in the Clark County Detention Facility awaiting hearings. Meanwhile Metro Police continue to investigate the robberies.

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