Personal Mail Arrives

Today, I got my first piece of ‘personal’ mail for 2014 — not a bill or an ad, but a real letter. I’m so tickled pink, that I could hardly wait to share it with you.

It comes from my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Van Zanten, whose now 100-years-old. And with the note comes a nice photograph of her inside the card.


It reads:

“Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you very much for your beautiful and thoughtful Christmas Cards sent to Mom. As ones’ visited, they would take time to read them to her. She was one happy Lady receiving and hearing from you! As we get older many tasks we had taken for granted we are unable to do now. For years Mom enjoyed sending cards but unfortunately at her age and poor eyesight she is unable to continue. I promised her that I’d contact you all with a card thanking each and every one of you for thinking of her with your loving cards and notes. Mom greatly appreciated hearing from each of you and wanted to wish you all a very happy an healthy New Year 2014. When time allows please send her another line or two catching her up on your news. There is always someone around to read your cards/letters as she enjoys you keeping in touch with her.

Love to all. Valeria, Maurya and Darol.”

Excuse me, I have mail to answer.

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