Woman Hospitalized after Shooting in Carson Medical Facility

A woman has life-threatening injuries after she being shot at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center in Carson City Sunday morning.  The shooting happened jus’ before noon on the 3rd floor.

The shooter, 88-year old William Dresser, walked into his wife’s room and shot her in the chest with a handgun. Authorities have not released what she was originally being treated for.


Correctional officers were guarding a prisoner a few doors away when the shooting happened, and are credited with helping subdue Dresser. The woman has been flown to Renown for her injuries.

The hospital was on lockdown for about two hours while officers investigated. None of the other patients were threatened and hospital staff worked to make sure they were as safe as possible.

This shooting comes about a month after suicidal gunman opened fire at Renown last December, killing one person, critically wounding two others and sending police on a door-to-door search within the facility amid the chaos.

Dr. Christine Lajeunesse and Shawntae Spears were injured in the attack, while Dr. Charles Gholdoian died after being shot in the upper torso. Investigators say Alan Frazier, from Lake Almanor, left evidence at his home indicating the shooting was planned.

The shooting came nearly two months after a 12-year-old boy opened fire at an area middle school, killing a math teacher before taking his own life. Two other students were treated for their injuries at Renown, the largest hospital in northern Nevada.

Renown has also treated victims of other recent tragedies, including a deadly incident involving a truck versus a train near Fallon, a crash at a Reno air race in 2011 that killed 11 people and a rampage at a Carson City restaurant the same year that killed three uniformed Nevada National Guard members.

Meanwhile, Dresser has been booked into the Carson City Jail on charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Authorities say they believe this was domestic violence incident.

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