2013: The Year in Review

In January, Barack Obama was inaugurated for a second term as president of the United States. Also in January, cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed after years of denial that he had used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France again and again. March saw white smoke at the Vatican -- and word of the election … Continue reading 2013: The Year in Review


Nevada’s 2013 in Review

From a historic expulsion, training deaths, a school shooting to the approval of drone development, the year 2013 saw Northern Nevada in the spot-light several times. Assemblyman Steven Brooks, D-Las Vegas, became the first legislator expelled in Nevada since statehood after a string of public incidents, bizarre behavior and arrests. Brooks was formally expelled from … Continue reading Nevada’s 2013 in Review

Barbara Jean Smith, 1935-2013

Barbara Jean Smith passed away peacefully, December 10, 2013, following a short illness. At 81, she was the eldest child born to Jack and Leola (Hufford) Olivera, February 14, 1932 in Rohnerville. I knew her best as Aunt Barbara. She is preceded in death by three of her siblings, Gary, Leora, and Margery, with Leona … Continue reading Barbara Jean Smith, 1935-2013

Warning: Sugar Rush Alert!

At least twice a year, my wife make’s her mother’s fudge. She believes it comes from the recipe listed on the back of ‘Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallow Crème’ since the 1950s. The earliest mention of marshmallow crème comes from the 1896 cookbook, ‘Fannie Farmer's Boston School Cook Book.’ However, it doesn’t give a recipe for … Continue reading Warning: Sugar Rush Alert!

The Sugar Cookie Recipe

Jeanie is a former neighbor of mine from Klamath. My family moved into the house next to the Arnold's in January 1965 and remained there until September 1967. She is a retired Professor from the University of Southern Nevada, living in rural Northern California. She also writes a cooking and gardening blog at gardenforestfield.com What … Continue reading The Sugar Cookie Recipe

A California Place Called Samoa

In 1889 real estate developers formed the Samoa Land And Improvement Company, buying 270 acres on the peninsula opposite Eureka. After John Vance Mill & Lumber Company’s Eureka mill burned in 1892, the owners decided not to rebuild the mill in Eureka but to purchase cheaper land in West Eureka or Samoa. The north spit … Continue reading A California Place Called Samoa