The Wreck of the ‘Queen Christina’

The ‘Queen Christina’ ran aground off the coast of Del Norte County on October 21st, 1907. The steamer had sailed from San Francisco, Saturday, the 19th, for Portland, Oregon, with a cargo of wheat.

Build at Newcastle, England, in 1901, she displaced 4,268 tons, had a beam of 48 feet and a length of 360 feet. At the helm was Captain George R. Harris.

Off Point St. George reef, she ran into a heavy fog. Harris, believing he was seven miles off-shore, continued ahead.
Suddenly, the vessel struck a series of rocks, forcing Harris to give the order to abandon ship. The crew made shore safely, in two lifeboats.

When word of the wreck reached Crescent City, the Hobbs, Wall steam-schooner ‘Navarro’ got under way, but was unable to pull her off the rocks. Arrangements were then made to salvage as much as possible from the wreck.

The ‘Queen Christina’ withstood all the Pacific had to offer during the winter of 1907-1908. It was not until January 1909 that she finally broke free and smashed against the reef.

The ‘Crescent City News’ reported the “stranded steamer ‘Queen Christina’ is a complete wreck…there is nothing visible of the ill-fated craft except a portion of the bridge…heavy seas roll over it…the masts have gone by the board.”

Harris blamed for the Point St. George Reef Light crew, claiming the foghorn had not sounded. His charges had to be dismissed when witness after witness testified hearing the horn at the time of the disaster.

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