18,250 Days Later

In the later part of my junior year in high school the re-examination of the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination was nearing its crescendo. While everyone in class was being forced to read such books as “Lord of the Rings,” or “Ragdoll,” I was working my way through three books on the conspiracies surrounding JFK’s death: “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World,” “The Death of a President: November 20–November 25, 1963,” and “Beyond the Gemstone File.”

The teacher’s name was Miss Fitzgerald, an irony lost on me at the time, and after making my case to her, she relented and allowed me to finish the books and write a report on each one. In the end she was unhappy with my final thoughts on the subject and awarded be a B-minus for my work.

What she took aim at was the fact that I felt that while Lee Harvey Oswald, may have acted alone, firing at the Presidents motorcade, striking first a traffic light, which fragments and bit ricocheted, hitting both the President causing him to exclaim, “God, I’ve been hit,” and injuring a bystander named James Teague. Her other point was that I felt Oswald did hit the President as well as Governor John Connally, but he didn’t fire the fatal shot.

Much has been made of the so-call ‘pristine’ bullet found at Parkland Hospital over the five decades since it happened. However, every picture I’ve seen of this bullet, and many were published in these three books, the bullet is damaged. Furthermore, from what I gathered from those books, Connally was sitting lower and further to the left of the President when the pair were struck, making the ‘pristine’ and the ‘magic bullet the same.

It is called the ‘magic’ bullet because the Warren Commission had it changing direction at least twice in mid-flight, something physics says it impossible. Furthermore, I pointed out in my school report that this was the bullet fired by Oswald, thus showing he did shoot the President.

However, I carried my belief out to the point Miss Fitzgerald, could not abide with my conclusion. I read and reported that the bullet that passed through Kennedy and hitting Connally was 6 mm, while the hole in the base of Kennedy’s head was 8 mm, showing two different weapons were fired.

My conclusion, based on the behavior of the Secret Service and the fact that the detail behind the President’s car had a AR-15 in it, that the shot came from the Secret Service detail. Initially, the Secret Service failed to tell the FBI of the weapon when asked, then admitted during official testimony.

This is also supported by the fact that the Secret Service interfered with the handling of the President’s body at Parkland Hospital by denying Texas authorities to complete an autopsy there. It was made worse by their apparent interference of the autopsy proceedings at Bethesda Medical Center in Maryland.

There is also the witness testimonies taken by police on the day that say they saw a Secret Service agent with the AR-15. Many of those same witnesses stated that this same agent fell backwards in the seat as the third shot was heard.

Follow this up with the reports of the rifle shots coming first two coming with a slight gap between them and the second and three shot being rapid in succession. Lastly, several people told investigators they distinctly smell gun smoke after the report of the third shot.

As for me on that fatal day, I was barely three-years-old; however I have a clear recollection of my mother and our next-door neighbor sitting on the couch, crying as they watched television. Our neighbor was a Korean woman and she had her elastic pants on backwards.

Also I remember my father coming home, getting some gear, and kissing Mom before leaving. And, though I cannot swear to this, I seem to recall watching Walter Cronkite that day, delivering the news that the President was dead as well as the live shooting a couple of days later of Oswald by Jack Ruby.

I qualify this because I’ve seen those two pieces of historical footage time again since, and it could have caused a ‘false memory,’ for me.

Year’s later both of my parents, who were great Kennedy supporters, would talk of the assassination. From them I learned, Dad was gone for nearly two-weeks and that the greatest fear At Mather Air Force Base, in Sacramento at the time was the possible involvement of the Soviets.

We also had the book, “Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy,” in our home. I must have thumbed through it a couple of dozen times as a kid.

For all of this I got a lesser grade than I thought I deserved, but at least I passed her class and didn’t have to bother with diagramming sentences or reading books which held no interest for me. Finally, everything I wrote then as now, is mere speculation and will be, as so much time has passed since the assassination that, barring new evidence, no one living then or today will ever know what really happened.

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