Harry Reid’s Secretive Grant Announcement

Washoe County’s Regional Transportation Commission has been awarded a $4.6 million grant to purchase three electric buses. The 35-foot buses will replace three diesel buses and will operate from the Riverwalk District downtown to the University of Nevada, Reno.

So far, where the money for these buses came from no one is saying. Hopefully the citizens of Nevada nor the U.S. are footing this bill.

Officials say the vehicles have fast-charging lithium-ion batteries and fuel cell auxiliary power needed for air conditioning in high desert climate. The grants were announced by Nevada’s U.S. Senator Harry Reid — which explains a lot about the late Friday afternoon presser.

Not even Reid’s senate website explains where the $4.6 million grant originated. This is disturbing as it appears there is a reason to hide the information.

Finally — while the emissions the buses produce will be diminished and this is no doubt good for the environment, this isn’t good for the economy. Somewhere in the county, some business that depends on selling fuel to the RTC is suddenly left without the income brought in by filling those three buses with diesel.

It’s a shame the greening of society doesn’t include people’s bank accounts.

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