Kicked in the Nuts

“Fuck, God!” I heard myself angrily shout, “Did you have to kick me in the nuts like this?”

It had been a stressful work week. Tired from working the overnight shift, I went to the radio station, bitching about all the shit I had to get done and complaining about how I wasn’t sure if I could carry out what the boss wanted.

Then I heard a schoolmate had committed suicide, and I realized quickly what I was going through was nothing. Things were not that bad after all.

pam kimball

I sat in my truck for at least 15 minutes after getting home, crying for my friend’s death. Then I went inside and cried some more, ashamed that I am so self-centered when there are others needing help so badly.

“I didn’t kick you in the nuts,” the Lord responded somewhere deep in my conscience, “I simply used a horrible situation that I had no control over, to get your attention.”

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