A Seperate Healthcare System for Washington’s Elite

When I saw this — I thought blood was going to squirt from my eyeballs! It is proof of what I’ve said for a long time: both the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington D.C. are part of the ‘progressive movement.’

Now, I have something else to say: neither Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, nor is the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner is to be trusted with the people’s business.  The ‘proof’ are emails sent between the two’s offices; one seeking a backdoor deal and the other willing to arrange it.

Both will stab the American people in the back without hesitation. Neither man deserves the respect of any voter that placed them in office.

The man who makes a secret deal to get something others are actually entitled too, and is being withheld, is a dishonest man. And a man who will broker a secret deal, then expose the deed, is jus’ as dishonest.

Finally, it’s time to defund both the GOP and Democratic parties, and start giving cash directly to your candidate of choice. Eff the parties, like they’re effing us!

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