Speaking Truth

In attempts to be polite, I will stifle Many of beliefs and ideas, Fearful of hurting  another’s’ feelings When I speak truthfully. Slowly, I am learning – Much trial and error on my part, It is possible to be honest Without being mean or rude. How else can I let someone know how I feel? … Continue reading Speaking Truth


Pack Mules Leaving Crescent City

At one point, Crescent City was the center for supplies for the inland mines. Pack trains were commonplace, with some consisting of 200 animals at once. They generally carried two and a half tons of bacon, flour, whiskey, sugar, coffee, saleratus (a precursor to baking soda,) matches, whale oil, lard, salt, fry pans and pans, … Continue reading Pack Mules Leaving Crescent City

Bruce Connor, 1958-2013

Bruce Connor passed away October 17th, 2013, in Medford, Oregon. Born April 30th, 1958, and raised in Smith River, he attended Smith River Elementary and Del Norte High School, graduating in 1976. As a Warrior, he played football and wrestled throughout his high school career, earning a white star his senior year. Bruce also attended … Continue reading Bruce Connor, 1958-2013

The Secret of Point St. George

Point St. George, near Crescent City, not only has a long history, but a secret history, too. During World War II, the property housed a group of cryptographers, people who converted messages from a code to plain text, and a highly specialized direction finder radio. It was Intercept Station T, on Radio Road. Before the cryptographers moved in during … Continue reading The Secret of Point St. George


At one point I used to write what I've always called 'Maverick Poetry." I learned later it is better known as 'free-verse.' However 'maverick' sound so much more manly. This afternoon, I awoke with a Kerouac quote swimming between my ears. Within ten-minutes I had 'Rug,' penciled out. “If you own a rug,” Jack Kerouac wrote, … Continue reading Rug

Chasing Henry Blake’s Murder

“The man with the donkey and his daughter Bertha are my family. This is my great-great Grandfather Henry Blake from Reqoi (Requa) in Klamath California,” writes Richard England, Sr., “This picture was taken at Turup, (Tarup Creek, Klamath Glen) California at their ranch and dairy across from Blake's landing shortly before he was murdered on … Continue reading Chasing Henry Blake’s Murder

A Seperate Healthcare System for Washington’s Elite

When I saw this -- I thought blood was going to squirt from my eyeballs! It is proof of what I've said for a long time: both the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington D.C. are part of the 'progressive movement.' Now, I have something else to say: neither Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, … Continue reading A Seperate Healthcare System for Washington’s Elite