Investigating a Centuries Old Crime

“…the two miners who died trying to steal the payroll from the hotel vault in the basement by digging up into the vault from mines underneath the city. They were successful…to a point. They made off with the money, but their bodies were found in a tunnel nearby. The money was no where to be found.”  Blog, ‘Death Valley Paranormal.’

Though not from what an investigative journalism might consider a ‘reliable news source, it wetted my curiosity to find out more. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything in the spools microfilmed newspapers at the library.

After spending over seven hours searching several turn-of-the century state and regional newspapers, many that are no longer in publication, the best I could do is find a blog entry from The Las Vegas Sun’s ‘Finding Nevada.’

“…to the basement and into a room that was a vault for a bank 100 years ago. The story goes that three miners tunneled up into the room through the dirt floor, and they emptied it right before a payday. But there was no honor among thieves, and one turned on the other two and killed his partners.”

It gave me a reference point to begin my search and parallels some of the details I heard and read. The problem is the word ‘about,’ could mean several years before or after the year 1913.

But my investigation into this ‘supposed crime,’ will continue as there’s something behind the story. After all the newest owners of the Mizpah Hotel, Fred and Nancy Cline, in Tonopah had this to say in their blog, ‘Revitalizing the Mizpah: “…uncovered a secret entrance to the Mizpah mine, located in a deep dark corner of the equally deep, dark Mizpah basement.”

Either the crime is real – or it’s not – either way I intend to find out.

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