Silver Tailings: Goldfield Continues to Survive

Despite the fierce labor disputes and strikes that threatened the town’s existence in the years 1906-1908, Goldfield was able to wrest the county seat from Hawthorne in 1907, when both towns were still located in the same county.

Five banks, a like number of newspapers, two mining stock exchanges and three railroads served the 20,000 residents. The town even had four schools and a 100 stamp mill.

It was reported, although probably exaggerated, that saloons numbered 25 to the block. Those were good years for the mining town.

In 1907, Goldfield was struck by cholera epidemics that claimed many lives. Yet, Goldfield survived.

Labor disputes failed to bring down the town, but a 1913 cloudburst damaged many homes beyond repair and nearly brought her to her knees. Ten years later, a huge fire swept through the town, destroying 53 square blocks.

Still, she would not yield. Today, the town still stands, though a mere shadow of her former grandeur; the ruins of some of the buildings stand as a mute remembrance of days gone forever.

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