The Fall of the Roman Empire, Rise of the Ottoman Empire, and Today’s Progressive Parallel

The Roman Empire in the 6th century was actually Christian, and divided between the Western and Eastern Roman Empire, and they were falling apart from within.  They had an overextended military, debased their currency to pay off their debts,  a bureaucracy living off the entirety of the Roman people and no of control over their borders.

Sounds vaguely familiar.

Because of this, a number of cities that were originally Christian, like Istanbul or Alexandria, were picked off one by one by the first caliphate.  And if you were a non-Muslim, you fell under a separate legal category called, ‘dhimmi.’

‘Dhimmi’ is an agreement, meaning ‘protection,’ and the those who are ‘dhimmis,’ while protected, are a second class citizen. This “custom,” stretches back to the beginning of the Islamic conquest all the way through the Ottoman Empire.

‘Dhimmis,’ sound much like anyone not willing to side with Progressives, i.e. “Tea Party,” “Conservative,” “Libertarian,” “Christian.” However, it got worse for those living in the region during the time period between the 6th century and the late 1930’s.

Eventually, those placed under ‘protection,’ were either forced to accept Islam or live in this legal area where they could be killed or enslaved. And unlike under Roman law, religious minorities were also disarmed to ensure they could not defend themselves, plus they had to pay a “jizya,” a tax for not being Muslim.

Kind of sounds like “Obamacare,” where you have to either purchase a regulated insurance package or pay a ‘fee.’ But it doesn’t end there’s when you consider the concept of “fay,’ meaning all property actually belongs to the umma, the Islamic community, and anyone outside that community can therefore have their property appropriated to wage war.

Don’t believe it?

Recently the City of Richmond, California put forth a plan to seize underwater mortgages through eminent domain to ‘combat blight.’ City leaders claim the purpose is to keep families in their homes and prevent destabilizing impact of foreclosures.

It’s jus’ crazy talk — isn’ it?

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