Return To Six-Mile Canyon

The three of us parked our vehicles, they in the Jeep, me in my Ranger, and we walked across the narrow roadway. It was there that I had one of the most frightening paranormal experiences of my life.

Jus’ two-weeks before, while alone, I was in Six-Mile Canyon, below Virginia City hoping to capture some shots of the sun as it set over Mount Davidson, when I found myself ‘attacked.’ What I at first thought to be an animal, turned out to be a black mass, much like a statically charged, wet blanket drop over me.

By the time I had gathered my wits about me, I was back across the road and struggling to get in my truck. It occurred to me by then that what I thought had happened was something other-worldly.

It left me shaken for a couple of days and I did my best to relate to others what had happened, vowing never to return to the spot. However my friend, Tonya and her husband, Rich wanted to come see if they could experience what I had.

“It’s a little farther back,” I said as I lead the way across the dry creek bed.

Soon we were standing near the spot where I had my experience. I felt a small knot in my gut as Rich continued up the embankment and onto the flat above me and Tonya.

He turned and smiled, “Yeah, there’s a lot going on, here.”

Rich is a ‘sensitive’ and is able to see beyond the dimensions we normally see. Tonya and I climbed up the embankment and joined him.

“There’s a woman standing over there,” he pointed.

Neither Tonya nor I could see anything more than a bush in the place he was indicating. That was nothing new for Tonya as she was still waiting for her first real paranormal experience.

Then Rich added, “She has a husband here and her kids.”

As he said this, Rich pointed to where the three children were. He turned slightly to his right and said, “Samuel is over by that low tree branch.”

Without a word, I raised my camera to take a picture of him. I was hoping to capture a shadow, an orb or perhaps a mist-like image.

“He’s got his shot-gun pointed at you,” Rich informed me.

That’s when I decided I best interact with these spirits before I caused something like what had happened to me before to occur again. I raised my hands over my head as if surrendering.

“This is a camera,” I stated, “and it won’t hurt you. I’d like to take your picture.”

Though I couldn’t see this Samuel, I felt as if I had best be respectful. Rich looked at me and said, “He says ‘Go ahead.’”

I quickly lifted the device to my face and pushed the button, releasing the shutter.

“The three kids like to play along the roadway,” Rich continued, “They’re fascinated with the headlights on the cars and trucks.”

Tonya then asked me, “Are there a lot of accidents along Six-Mile?”

“Not a lot,” I answered, “However they do happen – in fact there was an accident along this road the middle of last week.”

“That’s them,” Rich responded, “People see them and try to avoid hitting the kids playing in the street.”

“I still can’t see or hear or feel anything,” Tonya complained.

“Maybe you’re trying to hard,” I chimed in.

Rich stopped our chatter by raising a hand. He moved his head slightly to the left as if listening.

“Hmm…there’s another Samuel here,” he finally announced, “and he recognizes you, Tom. In fact he’s the one who tossed the net over you the last time you were here.”

“A net,” I shot back in surprise, “That’s what it was!”

Then without warning, I felt weak in the knees, as if I had suddenly been drained of energy. I tried to shake the feeling of, but it wouldn’t go away.

It was at that moment that I saw the fuzzy outline of a man in a red shirt standing next to me on my left side I wanted to turn and look directly, but I knew that if I tried, he would be lost to my peripheral vision for ever.

“There’s someone standing next to me,” I calmly stated.

“Yeah, that’s Samuel,” Rich responded. “He’s the stronger of the two and stronger than all of them.”

“Well, now that I know he’s there, I’m feeling weak,” I complained.

No sooner had I said this, than the figure in the corner of my eye disappeared. However the internal vibrating remained.

“Darn it!” Tonya exclaimed, “You guys are having all the fun!”

She turned around and looked up the hillside. It was obvious having never seen or felt a ghost frustrated Tonya.

That was to suddenly change.

As she turned back, her eyes grew large and she whispered loudly, “I feel someone or something touching my right shoulder-blade.”

She smiled.

After a few more seconds, she added, “It’s a hot sensation, but it doesn’t burn.”

“That’s Samuel,” Rich told her. “He wants you to know he’s here and that he’s real.”

We stood there another two or three minutes, taking in the sounds of the wildlife, watching the sun flit through the canopy of cotton woods above our heads. It was Rich who finally voiced what were thinking.

“It’s time to go,” he said. “I’m starting to feel a bit drained.”

Without saying anything the three of us head back down towards the creek bed and out to the road. I was in the lead and suddenly noticed a large segment of grass tramped down as if something or someone had been there.

I stopped in my tracks.

“What is it, Tom?” Tonya asked.

“There are four or five spirits in front of me, crouched,” I answered.

Unbeknownst to me Rich had already seen what I was feeling, and had held up four fingers to his wife. As I answered Tonya, four white butterflies sprang from the matted-down grassy spot.

“Asians,” I stated flatly.

And as I spoke the words, I heard a voice speaking inaudible words in broken-English. It sounded forced and rehearsed.

While I couldn’t hear the words per say, I sensed them.  I couldn’t help but turn and look at Rich with a smile.

He knew exactly what I was feeling.

Without hesitation I stated to whatever presence was confronting me, “You’re an educated man.”

Somehow I knew that spirit I was sensing was not simply a ‘Chinaman’ working in the mines or some other menial labor-intensive position. Well-educated, he could speak English and held a place of some importance within his community.

I looked at Rich and told him what I was sensing.

He already knew as he answered my next question before I could ask it, “He pretends to by ignorant, so the White man doesn’t know that he understands what they’re saying or doing.”

My head felt light, and I became dizzy. I quickly turned and rushed up to the roadway before I found myself collapsing where I stood.

I had never felt that open before – not once had I ever communicated with something I could not explain and agitated, I could hardly control my excitement.

It was obvious that Tonya was feeling the same agitated excitement as me. Her husband, Rich was kind enough to allow us time to revel in what we had jus’ experience.

About an hour later, we got in our vehicles and headed back up the canyon towards Virginia City. As we climbed our way out of the valley, I heard the echo of children’s laughter reverberating across the high, rocky walls.

“Did you hear the kids?” I asked Rich as he and Tonya pulled up beside me.

“Yes I did,” he answered, “There playing on the hillside over there.”

He pointed directly to the area from where I’d heard the laughter. Tonya slapped the steering wheel of her jeep, “Dang! What children?”

I heard Rich laughing as I pulled away.

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