Del Norte’s First Pioneer Woman

Born Ann Kelley, in Ireland in 1819, she immigrated to Boston, where she met her future husband, John McLaughlin. He was a sailor, whose home port was New Orleans, where his parents died of a yellow fever epidemic.While living in New Orleans, the McLaughlin’s became friends with a family named Cadahi, who lived nearby in … Continue reading Del Norte’s First Pioneer Woman


Eagle Canyon Flyer, 22 July 2013

Two rival motorcycle gang members are facing charges in court, Monday, nearly two years after a fight at John Ascuaga's in Sparks. Vagos member Ernesto Gonzalez is charged with the murder of Hell's Angels San Jose Chapter President Jeffrey Pettigrew.  Rival Hell's Angel Cesar Villagrana is charged with attempted murder after shooting a Vagos member … Continue reading Eagle Canyon Flyer, 22 July 2013

Punishing the Many

South Carolina’s Progressive Republican Lindsey ‘Goober’ Graham is suggesting the U.S boycott the Winter Olympics in the former Soviet Union, if the Russians grant asylum to NAS whistleblower Edward Snowden.  Graham says he knows “athletes would be heartbroken” but claims the move would put pressure on President Vladimir Putin. Typical Progressivism -- punish the 'many' because … Continue reading Punishing the Many

The Genteel Rachel Jeantel

She’s the newest sensation in the same-stream media, Rachel Jeantel. She is Trayvon Martin’s friend and was exploited interviewed by that dashing Brit host Pierce Morgan on CNN. I’ve edited the report tête-à-tête into what I believe to be the more entertaining informative parts. Rachel Jeantel on ‘People in Law or Security Enforcement…’ MORGAN: Let's talk about … Continue reading The Genteel Rachel Jeantel

Rioting about the All the Wrong Things

While some protest, riot and decry injustice and out rage over the Zimmerman verdict, the Treasury Department is admitting the confidential tax information of  political candidates and campaign donors are being improperly scrutinized by government officials. However, the Justice Department is declining to prosecute any of the instances of potential wrongdoing. Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration, … Continue reading Rioting about the All the Wrong Things

Reid on Zimmerman

Senator Harry Reid says the Justice Department should review George Zimmerman’s case following his acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  But not once did he ever call for calm from protesters and rioters. “This isn’t over with and I think that’s good,” he said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’ Whadda ass-hat.

Connecting Monica and April to a Murderer

Back in 1988 I started studying criminal profiling as I looked to pursue a career as a true crime writer. One of the cases I delved into was that of seven-year-old Monica DaSilva, who disappeared from her bedroom in October 1990. Initially, Reno police believed that the parents did something to her. Three weeks later, … Continue reading Connecting Monica and April to a Murderer

Daisy Marilyn Wildgrube, 1935-2013

Daisy Marilyn (Smith) Wildgrube died May 25, 2013.  She was my Uncle, Adam Smith’s, sister. Daisy was born on December 11, 1935 in Fortuna, the youngest of seven children of Harry and Iva Smith from the Dyerville area. Daisy was laid at the Fortuna Sunrise Cemetery. She went to elementary school in Rohnerville and graduated from Fortuna High … Continue reading Daisy Marilyn Wildgrube, 1935-2013

Falling Away of the First

There are two headlines showing an attack on our religious freedom is underway. This isn't about any one faith, rather  it's about our civil liberty. • “TSA Allowing Muslim Passengers to Carry Prayer Beads and Whisper Prayers on Flights.” • “College Employee Asks Student to Remove Cross Necklace at Sonoma State University.” They have this in common: How … Continue reading Falling Away of the First

Your ‘Police State’ is Knocking

Henderson, Nevada police arrested a family for refusing to let them use their home during an investigation into their neighbors in 2011. Now, Anthony Mitchell and his parents Michael and Linda Mitchell are suing the Henderson, its Police Chief, six of its officers and North Las Vegas and its Police Chief in Federal Court. Although plaintiff Anthony Mitchell was … Continue reading Your ‘Police State’ is Knocking

Klamath’s Eight Bear Statues

The bear statues at each end of the Klamath River Bridge on U.S. 101 in Del Norte County were cast to replace the original ones that formerly stood at the ends of the G. H. Douglas Memorial Bridge, which washed out during the December 1964 flood. These statues represent the grizzly bear, California's official state animal. The contract specification … Continue reading Klamath’s Eight Bear Statues

Seventy-two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation

BOSTON -- National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed on April 19 by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw. Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage … Continue reading Seventy-two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation