Progressive Protections

It’s a disappointment to know that the media is so focused on destroying Paula Deen, while ignoring the Obama administration. The same same-stream media has also given a free pass to Alec Baldwin for his homophobic rant on Twitter.

”Put my foot up your f**king ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much,” he tweeted after Stark, a UK reporter, made some sort of allegations about Baldwin’s wife. Silence from Progressives’ speaks for itself.

Using the same standards it did on Deen, Wal-Mart should pull all the CD’s of rap-artist that use the same word Deen used in the 60’s. But it won’t.

Furthermore, Capital One should have cut it’s ties with Baldwin as should NBC which airs the TV show, “30 Rock.” Again silence from the Progressives.

Homosexuals should be outraged at Baldwin’s comments — but they don’t seem to care.

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