Behind Immigration Reform

This week, both Senator’s Harry Reid and Dean Heller tried to get a “Nevada voice” on the Southern Border Security Commission. But the senate refused to hear the amendment.

A voice is what is not what’s needed – it’s a fence that’s being demanded. But that’s the problem with those in Washington D.C., they’re going to do what they want without considering what their bosses from across the rest of the nation are directing them to do.

In fact, it looks like a cabal of both Democrat and Republican Congress members and Senators are planning to ram a reform package down our throats by this July 4th. Not only will it be vacation time for the Washington bunch, but it’ll serve as a great propaganda piece for Progressives.

Progressive Republican House Speaker John Boehner is in co-hoots Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to create amnesty for illegal immigrants. This piece of legislation will then get pushed through the House, with a majority of both parties voting it in.

Then it’ll have to go to a conference committee, where it must be reconciled. That’s where it’ll be gutted of its border security language, adding some extra pork and spending to it, and then it’ll be send it to the Senate, where it’ll pass.

Once back on the House side, the now-reconciled bill will be subjected to a vote, where the majority of the GOP will, vote “no,” so they can go home and say, they did their constituencies bidding. However, the Democrats and the committee chairs will vote it into law, because they have the numbers.

Finally, the argument isn’t really about citizenship or border security – it’s about creating more Progressive votes. And when that happens, this country will be, as President Obama promised, “fundamentally transformed.”

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