The Politics of Promotion

If only real life were like the bureaucratic life.

Samantha Power has been given the nod as our newest U.N Ambassador. She’s worked for George Soros’s Open Society Institute, an organization linked to anti-Semitic rhetoric.

That can’t be good news for Israel. Hamas is jumping for joy, though.

IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok, who signed many of the letters sent to conservative nonprofits.  He has since been promoted to “supervisor IRS agent.”

Then there’s Sarah Hall Ingram, IRS commissioner during the time the agency singled out conservative groups. She’s now director of the IRS’s “Obamacare” Division.

Not only can she audit you, she can screw up your medical records while she’s at it.

Meanwhile Susan Rice is the president’s new National Security Adviser. She lied several times about the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four American.

Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Robert Perciasepe is still waiting for the next scandal sword to fall on.

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