Nevada’s Horsford Faults Congress for Embassy Attack

“Congress needs to do its job,” said Nevada’s Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford. “I hope after nine oversight hearings, we start to work on protecting our embassies.”

Horsford used his time to echo his fellow Democrats, calling for security improvements to diplomatic facilities. He adds, Republicans exacerbated security problems through spending cuts.

It was the first time lawmakers heard publicly from anyone who was actually on the ground in Libya during the September 11th, 2012 attack, organizing the evacuation of U.S. staff and pleading for military help that never came. They heard that officials on the ground and in Washington immediately believed the attack to be the work of terrorists, and that the extremists tried to lure more Americans into what could have been a deadly trap.

They also heard for the first time, the Obama Administration’s decision to link the onslaught to popular demonstrations of Muslim anger at an Internet video denigrating Islam had offended Libya’s government and hampered the FBI’s investigation. And they heard suggestions that the Administration threw up obstacles to the committee’s investigation and may retaliate against one of the “whistleblowers.”

“Congress is making significant cuts to foreign affairs budget. I hope we properly fund our embassies so this never happens again,” Horsford concluded. “I urge my Republican counterparts to work on a bi-partisan plan to make the 29 recommendations of the ARB (Accountability Review Board.)”

Four people died during the terror attack, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, of Las Vegas, Horsford’s home town.

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