What Opportunity?

From: Dan
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2013 5:28 PM
To: Aaron; Dan; Jim; John; Kelly; Landon; Matt; Mike; Monica; Neil; Phil; Ross; Scott; Steve; Tom; Tyson

Subject: Changes

FR: Dan
DT: May 3, 2013
CC: Jennifer

Congratulations to Steve and Neil! Steve has been appointed the new production director for Cumulus/Reno, and Neil will be taking over the production assistant/afternoon traffic reporter slot effective this Monday.

We are seeking a replacement for the overnight slot. It is part time/30 hours per week and involves assisting in the preparation of Reno’s Morning News. Tom has thrown his hat into the ring for consideration and will fill the slot on an interim basis. If anyone else is interested in this position please contact me. We are also seeking at least one new part time announcer as we determine the best way to restructure our lineup.

Program Director/Talk Host
News Talk 780 KKOH/Reno


From: Kelly
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2013 12:31 PM
To: Tom
Subject: FW: Changes

Tom, this is a great opportunity Dan is offering you, congrats!

Suggestions: Try to follow the system Neil created. I sat with him one morning and we built the morning show together. His stories flowed, in a logical order, and his system was efficient. It got the job done with few complaints, other than the usual about the writing.

THEN, address the writing… if you try to change too much all at once, you may crash and burn.

This is your chance to show everyone what you can do.

Good Luck!

Social Media Mistress
(Unofficial Fire Starter & Cheerleader)


From: Tom
Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2013  1:14 AM
To: Kelly
Subject: FW: Changes

There is no opportunity here. I’ve been at this for years and this is all anyone is rewarded with — the possibility that to be hired to do a measly 30 hours and lose a lot of sleep.  Cheer lead away if you want to waste your time — but for me, (or anyone for that matter,) I’m jus’ a warm body behind a hot mic in a cold room and after a quarter of a century, I’m still jus’ a convenience for Dan.

— Darby

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