Hello, IRS?

It's kind of scary to realize the Internal Revenue Service will be handling our medical records starting in 2014 as part of the Affordable Care Act, better known a Obamacare. The agency has already shown how it disregards rights when it comes to whom we support in presidential elections, so think how secure you and I'll be … Continue reading Hello, IRS?


Toy Guns

Recently, a six-year-old boy brought a toy gun jus’ a little larger than a quarter onto a school bus in Palmer, Massachusetts and immediately found himself in trouble for violating the districts zero-gun policy. The school sent a letter home  saying he must to write an apology and attend detention and was facing bus suspension. In 1967, … Continue reading Toy Guns


The U.S. had jus' fired a missile into Iraq that evening as a preëmptive strike and now the nation was at war on two fronts, Afghanistan was the other. As Jeff and I sat in the lunchroom of our workplace we discussed the implication and ramifications of a drawn out conflict in the Middle East. Somehow we … Continue reading Comma


We had jus' been told we were heading into combat, a first for many of us. We were whooping it up, yelling things like, “Let’s go kill us some commie bastards." As the day grew longer and our departure delayed time and again, we grew restless. But our bravado never wavered as we continued to wait, gear packed … Continue reading Pallets

Religious Freedom Under Lois Lerner

New questions about IRS director of Exempt Organization Lois Lerner and the attitude she’s taken in the past about conservative and Christian groups are being asked. The Blaze reports, as head of the Enforcement Office at the Federal Election Commission, she had a hand in questioning the Christian Coalition during the 1990s, and again in 2003 as transcripts show her agency was … Continue reading Religious Freedom Under Lois Lerner

Las Vegas’ El Cortez Added to National Historic Register

The El Cortez hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas,  built-in 1941 and remodeled in 1952, is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The El Cortez is one of the oldest original buildings still standing on Fremont. The National Register says when it opened more than 70 years ago it was one of the largest and … Continue reading Las Vegas’ El Cortez Added to National Historic Register

A Fourth Scandal Coming for the Obama Administration

The President is finding himself hit by multiple scandals including the deadly attack in Libya, the IRS targeting of tea party, patriot and religious groups and the seizure of Associated Press phone records in a leak investigation. Obama advisers cast the trio of controversies as an inevitable part of life in the White House. But there is a fourth … Continue reading A Fourth Scandal Coming for the Obama Administration

Famous Marine Corps Trumpeter Passes Away

Born in Bogard, Missouri, September 27th, 1929 and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas, Tom Cook passed away April 25th at the age of 83. Upon joining the United States Marine Corps in 1948, Tom started a thirty year career and a life-long association with the Corps which he considered his extended family to the end. During those … Continue reading Famous Marine Corps Trumpeter Passes Away

Nevada’s Hillside Letters

The traditional belief is hillside letters were created to help early 20th century airplane pilots navigate and identify communities. The truth is they are symbols of school pride dating back to 1905 when students at the University of California created a 70-foot “Big C” above the school. University of Nevada, Reno students constructed a 150-foot-high … Continue reading Nevada’s Hillside Letters

Marines Relieved of Duty Following Hawthorne Accident

Three Marines from Camp Lejeune lost their command following a deadly training accident. Battalion commander Lt. Col. Andrew McNulty, company commander Capt. Kelby Breivogel and infantry weapons officer Chief Warrant Officer 3 Douglas Derring were relieved from their posts after the March 18th training accident that killed seven Marines. Brig. Gen. James Lukeman, commander of the 2nd … Continue reading Marines Relieved of Duty Following Hawthorne Accident

Nevada’s Horsford Faults Congress for Embassy Attack

“Congress needs to do its job,” said Nevada’s Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford. “I hope after nine oversight hearings, we start to work on protecting our embassies.” Horsford used his time to echo his fellow Democrats, calling for security improvements to diplomatic facilities. He adds, Republicans exacerbated security problems through spending cuts. It was the first time lawmakers heard … Continue reading Nevada’s Horsford Faults Congress for Embassy Attack

Anaho Island Celebrates 100 years

The small desert island in Pyramid Lake, about 30 miles northeast of Reno, that serves as home to 10,000 American white pelicans is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a wildlife sanctuary. U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials joined leaders of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for the centennial celebration at one of the country's most important … Continue reading Anaho Island Celebrates 100 years

Questions Asked About Reid and Judgeship

Senator Harry Reid has nominated Las Vegas attorney Jennifer Dorsey to become a federal judge, however two senior partners at the law firm where Dorsey works made large contributions to the political action committee ‘Majority PAC’ founded by Reid to electing Democratic Senate candidates. Records show Will Kemp made a $100,000 contribution, while J. Randall … Continue reading Questions Asked About Reid and Judgeship