Another Media Attack on Christianity

Simply bad timing? Not on your life.

On the eve of Easter Sunday no less, CBS News’ “48-Hours,” decided to air a show attacking credibility of the Joyce Meyer Ministries. In the story called, “Writing on the Wall,” the head of security for the ministry killed is wife and two children and was found guilty and  sentenced to life in prison for the his crime.

However,  rather than providing viewers with the facts about the case, Maureen Maher dragged Joyce Meyer into the mess claiming Chris Coleman felt trapped by the restrictions of his employment contract. Coleman faced dismissal from his well-paying position if caught having an extramarital affair.

And that’s exactly what Coleman was doing.

Worse yet, to get out of his marriage, to the keep from getting caught and moving on to a life with his girlfriend, he murdered his family. To blame anyone else for Coleman’s actions is wrong.

However, it does fit perfectly with the national medias disdain for anything Christian.

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