Made in Mexico

Many times I’ve been to the playa of the Black Rock Desert,  to enjoy some alone time, to pray, to think and explore.  In a small wash to the north-east of State Route 49, I found a group of small rocks and stones.

Buried in the dried mud due to a past gully washer, I could tell two had shape to them.  One was a “flake,” of some sort, used possibly to cut animal hide, and the other an arrowhead.

Seven days later I recalled I had these two items in the tool box of my truck. So I retrieved and rinsed them off.

The larger piece, I thought was a flake, turned out to be exactly that. The other was also what I believed it to be – an arrowhead – however there is a catch to the find.

On one side – though the print is extremely faded — it reads:  Hecho en Mexico. Perhaps it’s the proof historians need to prove the Paiutes or Shoshone tribes traded with the Mexicans before John Fremont wandered through the area.

My tongue is still in my cheek.

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