FOX Exec’s Disappearance Now Called Murder

FOX Executive from Los Angeles, Gavin Smith has been missing since May 1st, 2012 and his brother Greg Smith lives in Reno and sister, Tara Smith Addeo lives in Minden. The family of the 57-year-old exec and former UCLA basketball player has offered a $20,000 reward for information about his whereabouts.

Investigators say Smith had separated from his wife Lisa and three sons, and was living with a roommate in the Los Angeles area. They add, he received a late night telephone call May 1st, and left the house about 10:30 p.m., wearing purple sweatpants and black and gray shoes.

Police now saying he was likely murdered, this after Smith’s Mercedes was found February 21st in a Simi Valley storage locker.  Authorities have named John Creech as a person of interest in the case; he is in custody on unrelated drug charges.

The Simi Valley storage unit is linked to Creech, and he and his wife’s West Hills, house has already been searched twice by police. Smith met Creech’s wife, Chandrika in drug rehab.

Smith’s body has yet to be found.

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