MISSING: Thomas James Smith

For the last couple of years I’ve searched for a friend that I went to school with and so far he’s proving very hard to find. I have very scant information, though I’m in touch with his sister, Ina who lives in Colorado.

Thomas James Smith was born April 11th, 1960 in West Germany, and has gone by the nicknames, “Tommy,” “Tom,” and “T.J.”  He and his family were assigned to Requa Air Force Station in Klamath in 1974.

He was in my 8th grade class and all the way through our senior year, graduating in 1978. Shortly after graduation, his family was reassigned to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I spoke with him one last time in 1979, while I was stationed at Warren Air Force Base.

Time and again I’ve run his name and date of birth through an Internet search and have come up with very little. What I have been able to find is that he has a wife named Deborah Smith, who I believe is in Olympia, Washington and that she’s been looking for him as well.

Furthermore, after Tom disappeared from Deborah’s life he was in a four-year relationship with another woman and he walked out of her life with her camping gear and hasn’t been seen since. Finally, this woman says he has a “Tenbears” tattoo on his buttocks and a tribal paw print on one of his forearms.

I’ve put our inquiries to various police departments in Washington and Colorado, but I’m beginning to fear the worst.

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