The Price Willingly Paid

Yes, I engaged the enemy in battle and killed him. And I was close to someone who was either killed or wounded.

This is not your fault.

Both fear and death surrounded me time and again. In fact the Pentagon has a plan in place in case I’m killed in action.

Anxiety, insomnia, and guilt are part of my existence.

When I returned home, you expected me to pick up my life where I left off. Well, so did I.

Adapt and over come.

Neither of us knew what the toll would be. How could we – as you were never in combat and I had never survived such stress before?

Too much alcohol, sex with any woman willing, and thoughts of suicide — all coping mechanisms.

No, this is not our fault and I’ve never considered blaming anyone, not even the military. It is simply the price paid for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Ask me now — I’d be willingly to do it all again.

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