These Things We Do

One of my favorite military unit motto's is, “These things we do, so others may live.” I like it because it’s not only simple and direct, but it says so much about the character of those service members who are the U.S. Air Force’s Pararescue. Time and again I see it after a disaster: Us opening our … Continue reading These Things We Do


Silver Tailings: The Name Behind the Badge

Elko County's famous Flying Sheriff, Jesse "Jess" C. Harris is the son of Sheriff Joseph C. Harris, who headed the same office from 1910 to 1936.  The younger Harris came into office in 1950 and served until 1974. Between Joe and Jess, they served 50 years in the 20th century as the county's sheriff. And though he’s not related … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Name Behind the Badge


We're more creative than we give ourselves credit for. That’s because you and I often suppress them before they can grow. Can’t afford that. That won’t work. Shouldn’t do this. If you can, you must gather the courage not to censor your ideas, your thoughts.  Instead we should surprise ourselves with the free flow of our imaginations.

Big Thoughts

Truck won't start. Roof is leaking. Porch light shorts-out. Forgot to pay a bill. Small stuff can pile up and ruin a day, but only if we allow them. You and I can't think big thoughts all the time, but we can keep the little ones in perspective and not let them overwhelm us.