Radio Station Specter

It was drizzling lightly as I pulled into the stations parking lot. A heavy storm was forecast to arrive that might lead to wide-spread flooding so I was at work a few minutes early to get an update on what the local authorities were doing throughout the Reno and Sparks area to prepare.

As I walked up to the entrance, I reached for the key pad. As my eyes swept by the window leading down the walk way in the sales office, I saw a tall, thin dark figure.

Recollecting what I’d seen: I saw his arms as they swung by his side, his torso, hips and thighs not to mention his shoulders, neck and head. He’s at least six and half feet tall; taller than my five-foot-seven inch self.

Unfortunately, I didn’t focus on the figure as I was more intent on the keypad. But the moment it registered with me what I’d seen, my eyes snapped back to the sales office walk way.

There was nothing there, so I continued into the building. I quickly checked the office doors to my right and looked in the cubicles to my left and found no one.

I also checked with the guy I was replacing for the graveyard shift and found him in the newsroom in the back, far side of the building from where I’d been.

It was then that I knew I had seen the specter I’ve called the “Thin Man,” for the last five years. I saw him in the same spot I seen him before and where others had too.

He’s surprised me several times, suddenly appearing in production rooms or the kitchen and the conference room. Usually, he’s nothing more than a figure that appears jus’ inside my peripheral vision.

The “Thin Man,” is responsible for opening drawers and cupboards in the kitchen, opening and closing office doors that are generally locked at night, for calling out my first name and whistling. He has also called me several times on the news-line from the sales office.

The phone doesn’t often ring in the early morning hours, so when it does I usually answer it promptly. But when I do, there’s no sound at the other end and when I dial back the incoming phone number, it inevitably rings in the sales office.

Thankfully, he’s fairly harmless, but I sure would like to know who he is and why he haunts this radio facility.

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